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An Open letter to Ryan Thomas’ Girlfiend Lucy Mecklenburgh

Hi Lucy Mecklenburgh,

I’m sorry that you and everyone associated with Ryan Thomas have had to see him go through what he had to go through.

I understand the pain in seeing someone you love upset and going through a difficult time.

However, the campaign you have decided to launch against Big Brother and the production team is nothing short of ludicrous. They did not control her actions, they did not cause this problem, they did not manipulate her in to becoming this crazy b*tch that she did.

You need to stop. Especially as it’s starting to come across that you’re exploiting this for your own career gains now.

Roger Rabbit-Ryan HOUSEMATENot only have they made sure that almost everyone in the country supports your boyfriend to the point he will WIN this show with a huge margin, boosting his career and reputation, they have shown exactly what happened, and dealt with everything appropriately.

Roxanne Pallett is the only person you should be upset with, nobody on the production team.

Big Brother did everything they could and HAD to do in response to her complaint and let me explain why.

At the end of the day, Ryan DID technically, legally, assault her. There is no getting around that, and for Big Brother to IGNORE her complaint, they would be liable to being sued from Roxanne and getting in trouble via Ofcom and lord knows what else.

They HAD to give Ryan a warning, because at the end of the day, physical behaviour such as that, without her consent, WAS against the rules. You can have your personal feelings on that as much as you want, because I certainly do, but you can’t keep blaming the SHOW for doing what they HAD to do.

Personally, I felt that if they showed the whole house the footage, THAT would have been trying to stir up stuff for ratings.

It is my belief that Big Brother handled it perfectly. In fact, whoever orchestrated the response on Big Brother’s side is a genius. Let me explain.

  1. They had a complaint, they HAD to respond, and they did in a justified way.
  2. They responded by giving a warning. NOT A FINAL WARNING. They HAD to give this warning to show to any possible lawsuit that they took the complaint ‘seriously’.
  3. They did not eject Ryan for unwanted physical behaviour, they were well within their rights to, especially with Roxanne reacting as badly as she did.
  4. They let Roxanne spend a night alone to calm down. They tried to fix the issue, along with the Big Brother rules, as best they could.
  5. They gave Roxanne the opportunity to speak to the police regarding the ‘assault’. (NOT because the producers would have believed it to be police worthy, but because they have a duty to uphold Roxanne’s rights and safety) – She refused. We all know why.
  6. The next day, when it was apparant Roxanne was not going to let it go, Big Brother got firmer with her. They made it clear they had done what they had needed to to.
  7. They essentially told Dan, and therefore the housemates that she was overreacting, without directly needing to say it. They didn’t need to show the footage to sensationalise it in the house and kick off a shouting match. They dealt with it this way and things were resolved calmly and amicably in the house.
  8. They made sure Roxanne heard the crowd chanting to get her out. I absolutely believe that the producers let this happen against their usual wishes of no outside contact – I have heard from multiple people in the crowd that night that they were encouraged to “be as loud as they could” and told that “this is your one moment for the house to hear you!”
  9. This resulted in Ryan feeling vindicated, and Roxanne leaving the house.

People forget, Big Brother see’s everything. They would have known Roxanne would have likely wanted to walk from the house when she heard the crowd chanting to get her out. They see everything, they get to know and predict their behaviours.

JEZZA3That’s why the second Roxanne said she wanted to leave, Big Brother opened the doors for her. They didn’t want her there, but they didn’t have grounds to eject her without opening themselves up to a lawsuit.

At no time in the 18 years of Big Brother has a housemate asked to leave and Big Brother has just let them, without any attempt of talking them round.

I am sick and tired of people blaming Big Brother for any of this. This is ALL Roxanne Pallett, and Big Brother reacted in the most mature, calm and collected way I have seen them deal with an incident of this magnitide.

You can have your thoughts on the incident all you want, but don’t make the mistake in thinking that the producers (and presenters) of the show, aren’t right there with you.

The difference is that their hands are tied and they HAVE to deal with things a certain way. You do not.

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