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The Rise of Channel 5 Vs The Ruin of Big Brother

A short post today, mainly because most of the reading is on another site!

With the launch of a new celebrity series of Big Brother coming tonight I ponder the unfortunate truth that the show returning tonight is not Big Brother. Take a read of the article at the link below for a background on why Big Brother has been ruined.

Now while it might seem pretty harmless, having Big Brother at the forefront of a cross media platform is rubbish for anyone who enjoys the show itself. Instead of being a fantastic entertainment show where social barriers are broken and people can be seen being themselves, it is instead an edited ‘celebrity factory’ where the people who Channel 5 think they can make money out of after the show are edited in a good light whilst the ones Channel 5 don’t care about are edited badly. Thankfully the public in general can see through this sort of thing, hence Aaron winning Big Brother last year but also why the crowd booed him. Aaron was shown negatively both on the show and by presenters on all of Channel 5s spin-off shows, but people who genuinely watched the show saw him as a genuine guy with good morals. You just need to read what I posted the day before the final for more information. (Also my most popular post with over 4,000 views, thank you!)

The point I am making is Big Brother is a completely different show now in all but name and Marcus Bentley. For most of the world this won’t matter – For me, someone who loved the show on Channel 4, it’s just a big disappointment.

I cross my fingers for this series and hope in some way that Channel 5 make a little U-Turn after seeing how the plan didn’t work fully with the last main series of BB. For now, I shall watch with an open mind. If the show does turn out to be more of the same as the 2011 series then I will post a follow up to this explaining exactly why everything stated in this article is bad for the show along with some positives (if I can think of any…) In the meantime if you haven’t seen it, here is this series new diary room chair.

The new Celebrity Big Brother 2012 chair

Thank you to the Independent for their article, no copyright infringement or otherwise intended.


‘Celebrity’ Big Brother – Launch Night Thoughts

September 10th 2010 Big Brother was buried by Channel 4 and given one hell of a big send off – Flash forward three hundred and forty days and here we are again. Big Brother is BACK and it seems the only thing we said goodbye to last year was Davina.

The last words of Big Brother on Channel 4 were “Big Brother Will Get Back To You” – and get back to us it certainly has! Channel 4 axed it and I bet all eyes were on Channel 5 last night and they were waiting to see if they could create a show better than them. Unfortunately, I think Channel 4 will be letting out a big sigh of relief today. The line-up is relatively unknown, as such, a lot of the public will not watch because of the “they aren’t celebrities” thing. Read the rest of this entry

‘Celebrity’ Big Brother – The Great Elstree Soak

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, especially if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, last night marked the return of the true reality show Big Brother!

I was under the impression that this was ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother, but it appears I was wrong! Not only is this the least famous line up in Big Brothers history, Five actually managed to find someone who didn’t even have their own Wikipedia page! Congratulations to them.

However, who am I kidding? Big Brother has never been about how known the celebrity’s are, personally I couldn’t care less, because the more famous the housemate the more boring they are based on past experience. So a house with relatively unknown people? Brilliant!

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‘Celebrity’ Big Brother – Launch Tonight!

So, after months of not being too fussed about Channel 5 acquiring Big Brother I am now officially looking forward to the launch tonight. The fact that the live feed will not be there still annoys me completely but now I am seeing things differently. This is not the show that Channel 4 had, in everything but branding and location this is going to be an entirely different show by the looks of things.

I’m sure I’ll be posting my views on the next three months quite regularly here so check back if you’re a Big Brother fan too!

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