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Celebrity Big Brother Housemate Rankings – As of Weds 5th September

Another post, another set of housemate rankings! Ratings for this series of Celebrity Big Brother continue to grow, indicating that the series is bleedin’ awesome!

Take a look at my latest rankings here, my older rankings are posted below for comparison! Read the rest of this entry


Celebrity Big Brother Housemate Rankings – As of Mon 3rd September

Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the final week of Celebrity Big Brother. Yeah, somehow this series has gone by in a flash and with just 7 days to go lets take a look at an updated rankings list!

As ever, my previous rankings are below too.

Day 19 – Monday 3rd September

Roger Rabbit-Ryan HOUSEMATE8th: Jermaine (-) – This guy could find the cure for cancer and he’d still be placed 8th on this list. The damage is done and we can all rejoice that he will FINALLY be evicted tonight! Boo’s aplenty please #cbb eviction crowd!

7th: DAN (-) – There’s just something about this guy that leaves me cold. Like, something dead behind the eyes. You know he’s only there to change public perception and is on his best behaviour. It’s obvious. He’ll make the final, but hopefully he doesn’t do well.

6th: SALLY ( -2) – She has a lot of common sense when it came to the Roxanne situation, so I applaud her for that. But when she has the nerve to call Hardeep manipulative WHEN THAT’S HER WHOLE DAMN CAREER, then bye felicia.

5th: GABBY ( -3 ) – She’s not done anything offensive, but that’s just it, she’s not really done anything. She’s massively faded in to the background, and whilst I don’t need acting up, at least provide a bit of humour.

4th: KIRSTIE ( +2 ) – Kirstie went up in my estimations in last nights episode when she bit back at Hardeep. Girl has some BITE! I really like Kirstie and if Ryan wasn’t handed the win by Roxanne this past week, then she would be a fair winner.

3rd: NICK ( -1 ) – I’m a sucker for an older housemate who clearly doesn’t watch the show but throws themselves fully in to it anyway. He’s been a great asset in the house, and him directly telling Roxanne to apologise earned him a lot of brownie points

2nd: HARDEEP ( -1 ) – Hardeep man WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! You were my clear number 1 but you need to control those mood swings. I get the house is a pressure environment but having a go at other HM’s for having a chat in the same room as you is ODD behaviour.

1st: RYAN ( +2 ) – Yep, that’s right, I’m jumping on the bandwagon. Ryan has conducted himself VERY well in the last week and he’s earnt his spot. I like that he stood up to Hardeep last night too, and that he’s cracking on with his time in there in a positive way.

Day 17 – Saturday 1st September

Hercules  Hardeep HOUSEMATE8th: JERMAINE ( – ) Jermaine continues to be bottom of the pack. The wannabe ADULTERER surviving last nights eviction really raged me out. Ben should still be in there, and this manf*ckboy should be out on his ass. Chicken livered housemates…

7th: DAN (Down1) Thought he talked to Hardeep like an absolute asswipe last night when speaking about male/female equality and his daughter. He has his moments, but at the end of the day he’s just a f*ckboy on his best behaviour for TV.

6th: KIRSTIE (Down3) Despite falling down the list, she’s not actually done anything wrong. In fact I like her and all housemates above here from now on. Fact is, other housemates have just done more to deserve a higher ranking this time around.

5th: SALLY (Down1) I’m loving Sally more and more as the series goes on. Take away the “tell me I’m psychic” rubbish, She’s actually a really funny housemate AND I’m glad she’s a part of this series on a few different levels.

4th: NICK (Down2) Still loving a bit of Nick but the fact he changed his mind and ended up evicting Ben when Jermaine was clearly the correct option to evict was a big annoyance to me. NAUGHTY NICK!

3rd: RYAN (Up3) Ryan was slowly sinking down this list previously, but recent events have seen him shoot back up. The way he dealt with Big Brother giving him a warning, and Roxanne’s accusations are nothing short of spectacular and showed a high level of maturity.

2nd: GABBY (Down1) Still loving Gabby and the way she conducts herself! But I hope we get to see a bit more of her over the next few days as she’s starting to fade in to the background. Not her fault, alot has been happening elsewhere!

1st: HARDEEP(isyourlove) (Up6) For the second time he’s topping this list! After putting me off in the last rankings, he’s really gone up in my estimations with how he put Roxanne IN HER PLACE and didn’t stand for her att seeking cr*p. Go Hardeep!

Day 14 – Wednesday 29th August

Garfield-Gabby HOUSEMATE10th – Jermaine ( -2 ) I want him to be raped from the inside out by a guy with a razor for a dick. NAHHH DON’T WORRY GUYS IT’S JUST BANTER. This guy is the only one in there that genuinely angers me. Manchild with not an ounce of intelligence or empathy. Out Friday pls!

9th – Roxanne (WALKED) ( -7 ) I don’t care if she’s interested in Ben or not. Fact is, if you KNOW a someone likes you and you’re in a relationship, you make it VERY clear it’s not happening. Esp when FIANCE can SEE this unfolding. Sick of the lack of morals on TV this year tbh.

8th – Hardeep ( -7 ) “I don’t watch these kind of shows” Bore off then. “Task is disrepectful because of foodbanks” Bore off then. He was my last number 1, but he’s turning in to nothing more than a grouchy boring mehfest. He needs to wake up and remember he’s in

7th – Ryan ( -2 ) This guy is far too aware of the cameras, which is fine and an intelligent way to be in that house, but it means we absolutely aren’t seeing the real Ryan. He’s coming across as very one dimensional to me, and I don’t think he’s being himself at all.

6th – Dan ( – ) Getting bored of the ‘crying over my kids please look at me I’m a nice guy really’ routine. Maybe you should have been thinking about your kids when you were busy banging a bird off Love Island instead of paying attention to your wife bro.

5th – Sally ( +5 ) Whilst I still absolutely abhor her for how she manipulates peoples emotions to pretend to be a ‘psychic’.. Her comment to Jermaine on last nights episode about his “ex” alone makes her jump up 5 spots in these rankings! More of THAT Sally please!

4th – Kirstie ( +5 ) I begrudge throwing my support to anyone stupid enough to follow Scientology – But I can’t deny she’s been a good housemate and could be a rightful winner to this series.

3rd – Nick ( +4 ) I feel like a lot of shortsighted people will just see Nick and label him boring. But I really appreciate him in that house – He’s a wave of common sense, with a good sense of humour and despite not really wanting to be there, he’s getting involved.

2nd – Ben (EVICTED) ( +1 )  As a housemate, I really like Ben, I find him funny, and to be honest he was at my number one just minutes ago. But then I remembered that he’s sniffing around an engaged girl, and it’s hardly something I can support. It’s wrong. So, settle for number 2!

1st – Gabby ( +3 ) That’s right, ex Love Island ‘star’ Gabby is my number 1. I feel a little sick. But I’ve really appreciated her since launch, and although not perfect by any means, she does have oodles of common sense and a “no bullsh*t” attitude I love! Keep going!

Day 7 – Wednesday 22nd August

Hercules  Hardeep HOUSEMATE13th – Natalie (EVICTED) ( – ) There’s being an entertaining villain, then there’s just being a loudmouth desperate for airtime. I LOVE a good Big Brother villain, but there’s nothing entertaining about someone purposefully being nasty.

12th – Sally ( -5 ) I don’t think I can find any redeeming features in someone who is openly beaming after telling someone that a friend of theirs of died definitely committed suicide. I had a friend who died in similar questionable circumstances. That hit hard.

11th – Kirstie ( -3 ) Whilst I enjoy her sometimes, she seems a bit closed off. Plus I don’t think I can respect anyone who follows Scientology with a straight face. She can turn this around for me, but needs to integrate with the group and let go a bit more.

10th – Chloe (EVICTED) ( -5 ) She has the personality of a piece of cardboard dipped in vanilla. Plus her lips and eyebrows creep me out.

9th – Jermaine ( +2 ) I haven’t seen enough of him to make a definitive decision on him yet. But from the outset he comes across as a very immature, spoilt carcass of a man. With not that much personality to boot.

8th – Rodrigo (EJECTED) ( +4 ) I don’t know if I like him or not. Sometimes he’s funny, sometimes he’s annoying. But he’s zany as hell so if he can keep positive, and away from the bitchy crew, he’ll keep rising for me.

7th – Nick ( -1 ) He’s an interesting one! But a housemate I don’t feel like I’ve seen enough of yet either. He seems fine though, and I did love that he wasn’t taking any of Sally’s psychic sh*t

6th – Dan ( +3) So far he seems alright from what we’ve seen. Fairly level headed. I can’t comment on what he’s done on the outside of the house, but simply from what I’ve seen on him on Big Brother, he’s at 6th. For now.

5th – Ryan ( -1) He seems to really be enjoying himself, and that’s always good to see on a Celebrity version of the show. He’s got a good sense of humour and I did like how he helped shut Natalie down during nominations.

4th – Gabby ( +6) HELP. I’m liking her more with each episode. I’m so glad she has the backbone to stand up to Natalie as a female, when most of the others will smile sweetly to not rock the apple cart. I expected to hate the Love Island trash, but so far, she’s rising!

3rd – Ben (EVICTED) ( -1 ) I can’t help but like the guy, every time I see him on screen he’s making me chuckle. I like that he’s not taking himself too seriously and I just hope we start seeing a bit more of him (when loudmouth Natalie leaves I’m sure we’ll see more of them all!)

2nd – Roxanne (WALKED) ( -1 ) I still enjoy her on the show. But she’s gone down a little bit for me for the things she’s been saying about Hardeep. She didn’t quite grasp that Hardeep wasn’t sticking up for her father, he was just upset at feeling redundant in his own family unit

1st – Hardeep ( +2 ) For me, the first week has been all about Hardeep. I find him very interesting and I appreciate that he’s happy to say what he thinks even at the risk of upsetting others – but not in the way like Natalie of “I don’t care”. For now, he’s my number

Day 3 – Saturday 18th August

Rapunzel-HOUSEMATE13th – Natalie (EVICTED) – I’m not one to usually get annoyed about victim blaming and all that entails. However, Natalie’s conversation with Chloe really riled me up. Openly saying Chloe may be lying about being kidnapped HER CAPTORS ARE IN JAIL. Then trying to preach ‘girl power’ wtf

12th – Rodrigo (EJECTED) – Anyone who judges a straight person based on the way they look and basically say “he must be gay” or vice versa is one of my biggest bug bears. PEOPLE CAN ACT HOW THEY WANT RODRIGO WITHOUT YOU PUTTING THEM IN A BOX THEY DON’T NECESSARILY BELONG IN

11th – Jermaine – There’s something incredibly slimy about him in that first highlights episode. Both on how he was with the girls, and his immaturity levels glowing through via his conversations with other housemates. Not a fan.

10th – Gabby – Why she felt the need to kick off at Dan et al during bedtime is beyond me, plus the fact she’s clearly lying about anything happening with Dan in the past AND the fact she clearly wants to bang him now, riles me up

9th – Dan – Not a fan of his treatment of Jacqueline. He’s a father, there are lines you don’t cross. He’s also clearly still interested in Gabby & so far comes across as a brain dead muscle box. Yawn.

8th – Kirstie – She’s a Scientology follower. Therefore although we haven’t seen it yet, she’s clearly a whack job. We’ll see how she goes

7th – Sally – Inoffensive so far, slightly nutty. Could go either way in terms of me liking or disliking her. Time will tell!

6th – Nick – Seems like a nice enough down to earth bloke who made ONE HELL of a mistake in his 20’s and has paid the price. Hope he comes out of his shell as the days roll on His refusal to sleep in a bed with others is of interest though.

5th – Chloe (EVICTED) – I feel sorry for her. When the story first broke about her kidnapping I was one of those that didn’t quite believe it. But the fact it’s now been to court, her attackers are in jail and people STILL question it – It takes a thick skin to push through that

4th – Ryan – Seems like a laugh so far. He’s the most likely to win this series based on the obvious stuff so far. But is he as nice as the time? That’s something I’m very interested to see. Something feels a bit too good to be true…

3rd – Hardeep – I don’t like how panel are taking his very sweet conversation with Roxanne in a creepy way. Time will tell, but I thought he was genuine, It reminds me when was made to look a creep with his friendship with Ashleigh

2nd – Ben (EVICTED) – This dude will go one of two ways. He’ll be as overBEARing as Bear, or a genuinely funny guy. He comes across as a bit of a nob at first glance but so far he’s come across as a laugh. Potential winner.. Or potential villain.

1st – Roxanne (WALKED) – I loved her on launch night and I enjoyed her in the first highlights. She seems delightfully nutty, up for a laugh, and on the show being herself AND I AM HERE FOR IT! Long way to go, but right now, Miss Pallett is atop my list!

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