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Celebrity Big Brother’s Storm is Coming

18th July 2018 – 18 years ago today the first ever episode of Big Brother aired, and to celebrate Big Brother has just released the theme and eye logo of the upcoming series of Celebrity Big Brother!

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World Cup 2018 Review


It’s coming home

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What we want from Big Brother 2018

BBEYENow, I’ll forgive you for forgetting, thanks to Love Island taking over the summer airwaves, but Big Brother 2018 is coming and we have been promised a big overhaul and a return to its social experiment roots to try to save the show from the axe.

Here I’ll take a few of my ideas for a great series to come which I’m convinced will drive up the ratings, along with making an exciting series for viewers to enjoy.

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My Playstation VR Experience So Far

A few months ago I decided to treat myself to a Playstation VR headset for my Playstation 4 system. I had planned to get it a year before, but due to some personal circumstances that just didn’t happen. But I am glad I waited a year because it meant some great titles were added to the roster of games available for it.

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Loïc Nottet Should Be An International Superstar

loicLoïc Nottet is a Belgian singer who you may know from his highly successful entry in Eurovision 2015 with “Rhythm Inside” (see below).

However Loïc Nottet is so much more than that and has one of the most phenomenal vocals I’ve ever heard along with an incredibly artistic gift for songwriting.

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TV Series Review: SAFE – Netflix

The Netflix drama/thriller ‘Safe’ popped up on Netflix in mid May as part of a co-production between Netflix and the French network Canal+.

*Please note, this review is mostly spoiler free although does discuss the main premise for the show – for the best experience I recommend watching Safe before reading this review, with no idea of what happens, as it is a show that is so much better when you don’t know what is going to come – if you’re wondering if it’s worth watching, read no more and WATCH, because it is!*

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Why Celebrity Big Brother’s ‘changes’ aren’t enough

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 is currently in full swing and response to the show by the majority of viewers has been extremely positive. Many viewers both fans and casual have been singing the praises of a show that had become a parody of itself.

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How To Save Big Brother UK Before It’s Too Late

Big Brother is dead, the ratings are hugely down and it needs saving. Another series of Celebrity Big Brother has been and gone, and even Channel 5 can’t deny it any longer. In this post I’ll outline how to save Big Brother before it’s too late.

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