Big Brother: Vote to Evict or Vote to Save?


Vote to Save will result in Lewis surviving this weeks public eviction – but at what cost to the format and viewer trust?

It’s Day 34 in the Big Brother house and producers have finally decided to meddle in the game.

Last night, Big Brother announced a poll in the app that could “change the game”. Upon entering the app, viewers are asked the following:

“Once again the power is in your hands. What do YOU want, vote to EVICT or Vote to SAVE? Your choice will affect this week’s first public eviction vote and remain in place for public votes for the rest of the series. The poll closes on Wednesday 17th October at midday. #YouDecide”

Before I even get on to the crux of this topic. Note the wording.. “Your choice will affect this week’s first PUBLIC eviction vote and remain in place for PUBLIC votes for the rest of the series”. Is this their way of telling us they’re about to screw the game up and let housemates evict with no public vote?

If so, I am very disappointed. Big Brother has been pushing viewers to trust in the format and pushed “gameplay” as the USP this season. Changing a vote from public evicting to the housemates evicting completely changes the game. As I have said in previous posts, if you do not have rules, you do not have a game, and ergo, no gameplay. It makes the whole focus of this season redundant.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. That hasn’t happened or been announced yet. That being said, my main issue with this will be that this wasn’t announced when Emma discussed the twist last week. Up until now they have been very good at keeping viewers up to date on twists before they happen, promoting trust between the viewers and the producers of the show. Which leads me on to…


Would Lewis G or Anamelia have been evicted with Vote to Save? Probably, but would they have gone if they were up against more than one other housemate for eviction? Definitely not.

How on earth do the producers think they can have nominations, announce them to the house, have a game changer played, know the final line up for the eviction this week and THEN open a poll attempting to change to Vote to Save without a very large contingant of the fan base screaming “fix” or” producer manipulation”?

Big Brother has done a good job this year of reversing the damage done by previous years by being open and up front with the viewers. But this feels a whole lot like “Channel 5 Big Brother”.

My main issue with this change is that it has come out of nowhere, slap bang in the middle of a nominations process, and is clearly designed to try and prevent a big character from being evicted.

I know that Vote to Save, in all likelihood, will save my favourite housemate Lewis from being evicted. However, in a series where “gameplay” has been pushed forward, it’s just not really fair.

I’ve seen a lot of people say “Choose vote to save to save Lewis!”, but a lot of these people will be the same people who will complain if Big Brother meddles to keep a housemate they DON’T like in. We cannot have it both ways. Either Big Brother is not a game, it is a purely entertainment focused show where producers essentially decide who stays each week. Or, it is an entertainment/reality/gameshow where the public decides. There is no middle ground.

As I have said on previous posts, my ideal series of Big Brother would have the first 50% of evictions be Vote to Save (in order to keep the bigger housemates in to begin with), then switch to Vote to Evict for the back half (in order to evict the villains of the show that shouldn’t deserve a place in the final for acting like a complete w*nkstain for 8 weeks).

I don’t mind Big Brother putting in twists and mixing things up, but I do mind when it is in the middle of the week and nominations have already taken place.

If producers do not have faith in Vote to Evict, then the series shouldn’t have had Vote to Evict to begin with, and I feel like the producers may recognise that now, and if Big Brother does come back in some form, I feel we may have seen the last of Vote to Evict.


Vote to Save would in all likelihood result in the deadwood housemates being evicted…

My only issue with Vote to Save is that it promotes absolutely annoying, camera hogging, fame whore attention seeking behaviour and results in the dregs of society winning the show or even getting to the final (just look at Bear, or Charlotte Crosby).

I do feel like there should be a mix, but it should be pre-planned, and not changed to suit the producers whims.

My other issue with Vote to Save in THIS series is that it makes the public vote nomination entirely redundant. The public vote nomination is essentially one large “vote to save” and will mean that most of the time whoever the public nominate will be evicted. This absolutely destroys the gameplay aspect of Big Brother, moreso than the public nomination did with Vote to Evict.

This series, whilst it has been brilliant, has had some teething issues in trying to get a format to suit a UK gameplay focused Big Brother. Vote to Save is essential for bringing in the type of gameplay that Big Brother seems to want for the UK version – but you can’t have a public nomination each week as well if gameplay is that important.

I personally voted for Vote to Evict – but I suspect that Vote to Save will win. I’m fine with this, but I just wish this poll had taken place BEFORE nominations this week, or after this weeks eviction.

That being said, if they stick to 2 housemates being up for eviction most weeks, having “vote to save” or “vote to evict” is entirely redundant anyway.

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