Big Brother Housemate Rankings Day 34

It’s genuinely not OK how quickly this series is going by. I’m loving this series in a lot of ways – although it’s not been without its teething problems by trying to focus heavily on game play.

I love the game play dynamic, but sometimes I feel like they focus the edit so heavily on game play chat it takes away from the primary format of the show which is watching a group of people from different backgrounds mix.

The age range of the housemates this series has been a drawback for me too.

On the positives though, the tasks have been mostly top notch, the format has been solid (although I think there should be more Big Coin tasks and emphasis on being able to spend them on certain things a bit more), and the housemates themselves have been a great selection. It’s been like fresh air not having people who have been on TV previously in there. It feels alot more like Big Brother. Big Brother enforcing rules has also been a positive for me.

However, just like in Big Brother 10, and every Channel 5 series of Big Brother ever – there is something that just feels a little empty – and yes, that reason is 100% wholely the lack of live feed – the element that gives Big Brother its USP. Without live feed, Big Brother will always feel empty. It is a show that thrives on live reaction, word of mouth and a feeling of “always watching”. Without that, it continues to not live up to its former glory.

Anyway enough of my waffling, it’s time to get down to business! Who wins my rankings? I DECIDE!

You can compare against my last rankings to see who has risen and who has fallen by checking out my rankings posted on Day 22 by clicking here!

10th: SIAN – Sian continues to be an absolutely redundant housemate, making no impact on the show. She just sits there and mutters rubbish under her breathe about Lewis occasionally but doesn’t have the balls to say anything to anyones face. Absolute dead wood, and cannot see why producers selected her for the show.

9th: CAMERON – My former number one has slid down massively for me lately. All the kid does is whinge and without his “coming out” game plan still going, he seems absolutely lost and unsure what to do with himself. I don’t mind housemates that whinge for a reason, but he’s lost his own game in there. He could have won.

8th: ISABELLA – Hussain is pretty much spot on with her to be honest. Found herself up for eviction and immediately jumps in to bed with Lewis. There is something that comes across so inherently false with every move she makes and every word she says.

7th: ZOE – This girl is one hell of a bunny boiler. Clearly suffering with low self esteem, I get that. But resorting to nominating Cian, one of her closest allies in the house, just because he dared to talk to someone that wasn’t her, was beyond a joke.

6th: TOMASZ – I love a game player. But for me, in Big Brother UK, the game is lost the moment the public knows just how much of a game you are playing. His “game” has failed. He’s up for eviction, and someone playing his game has to rely on their game getting them to the final and avoiding nomination. He does have his likeable moments as a housemate however.

5th: BROOKE – I go through waves of liking and disliking Brooke. I don’t really know what to think of her. She seems to really want to sit on the fence. For example in last nights episode when Isabella and Hussain was fighting all she did was sit there laughing at it and even when Isabella asked her a question she just carried on laughing. It’s weird.

4th: AKEEM – Akeem is playing a solid game, yes he was up for eviction a couple of times but he’s drawn himself back and managed to avoid nomination this week. He seems very astute about his other housemates. Akeem has managed to be a big character this series and for me deserves a place in the final.

3rd: HUSSAIN – Don’t get me wrong, the whole “I’m the king” thing is annoying, and yes he comes across like the kid at school who would follow the cool kids around to try and fit in even though they were constantly bullying him. But he’s grown on me, he’s bringing something to the show, but can he survive Fridays double eviction? I doubt it.

2nd: CIAN – Just fallen from my top spot, I love Cian and I hope he can get a bit of his magic back after being completely backstabbed by Cameron & Co in recent days. He’s a nice guy and one of the most fun housemates in there. It’s just a shame there aren’t a few more “fun” housemates in there for him to play with.

1st: LEWIS – Lewis is the best housemate Big Brother has had in YEARS, hands down. Whilst I appreciate not everyone will like him, that’s part of his charm. Give me housemates like Lewis that bring masses to the show, opinions, humour, light and shade instead of “Sian’s Smoking Hour” ANY day of the week. SAVE HIM FRIDAY.


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