Big Brother Housemate Rankings Day 22

It’s Day 22 and somehow this is my first housemate rankings. I can only apologise! Life has been mega busy as many of you will have seen I’ve barely been tweeting.

Life is getting a bit less busy now so hopefully I’ll be tweeting more now.. I know you’re all DISTRAUGHT without me.

But lets get to the point, here’s my first housemate rankings!

Please note, as I haven’t been paying close attention to social media so if there have been any revalations about the housemates outside of the show then I have no idea. But feel free to fill me in!

10th – SIAN – Might as well not even be in the house. I have nothing to say about Sian other than the fact she exists, and for Sian that might be her crowning achievement in life.

9th – KENALEY – Another housemate that has mostly been under the radar for me. But after last nights episode where she EXPLODED at Isaac, I dislike her alot. There was no need. Especially when he was apologising during the argument.

8th – BROOKE – Come on girl get some personality! She seems alright but all I’ve seen from her is nothing special. I hope that will change before it’s too late for her.

7th – ISAAC – I go through waves of liking and disliking Isaac. But for the most part he’s the sort of person who I’d hate in real life, so low down he goes!

6th – AKEEM – Eugh he’s coming across as SO fake and wooden. But he’s playing a decent game at the same time. He’s calmed down a bit since losing the BigCoin lead, so is becoming more likeable.

5th – TOMASZ – One hell of a housemate. I love him as a housemate, love that he’s playing a game BUT as Cameron said, once your game is exposed in Big Brother UK then it’s destroyed. He needs to focus on being a good HM now.

4th – ZOE – Truly likeable housemate and very down to earth. Hope we continue to see more of her as the series goes on.

3rd – CAMERON – Yes he’s whinging a lot but he’s bringing SO much to this house and the majority of the time I’m agreeing with almost everything he’s saying! Love his dynamic with Lewis, but the whole “closet” thing is 100% a gameplan.

2nd  – LEWIS – Yes he has his moments where he’s not perfect but for the most part I really like Lewis. He handled Kay perfectly and for me usually comes off as the one in the right in arguments. G’WAN MY FELLOW LEWIS!

1st – CIAN – Cian is literally the most “on paper” Big Brother winner in there. A funny guy, getting involved and never coming across as an ass. I really like him and for me he’s almost certain to win this show.


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