A Call To Arms to Fans: Save Big Brother UK

wantyou.pngUnless you’ve been living under a rock for the majority of this year, you will no doubt have heard that Channel 5 are yet to sign a contract for any more series of Big Brother or Celebrity Big Brother after 2018.

If that’s to change – Big Brother needs you. WE need YOU.

Very recently, the Channel 5 big boss Ben Frow stated that, although negotiations are not are, he is “planning for a year without Big Brother”. Signalling the end to an 18 year franchise which has been shown to still have a lot of life in it, unless another, more worthy broadcaster, signs it up.

Anybody who has followed me for a while will know that I have been calling for another broadcaster to take Big Brother away from Channel 5 for years. Since the very first moment they took it from Channel 4, Channel 5 have systematically destroyed the program.

They have done this by trying to make it a carbon copy of scripted reality shows, which takes away Big Brother’s USP that it is REAL reality. They took away live feed, and their scheduling decisions throughout the tenure of Big Brother have been woeful.


Big Brother is coming.. For the last time?

That being said, with the most recent series of Celebrity Big Brother you can see that the program makers Endemol have genuinely been trying to recapture what made Big Brother so great on Channel 4. Using a proper format, no contact with the outside world and incredible production and tasks.

I have no doubt that this reinvigorated effort will continue in to the final series of Big Brother and that is why we need you. Yes YOU – To save Big Brother.

If you want Big Brother on the air after 2018 you have to make this happen, you have to make it appealing to other broadcasters. Here’s some ways of how you can help throughout the show:

  • WATCH IT. Ratings come first and foremost and if you are lucky enough to have your viewing habits recorded, MAKE SURE YOU WATCH IT ON THE NIGHT LIVE.
  • If your viewing habits are not recorded, STREAM IT AS WELL. Every hit on the catch-up service counts. So even if you don’t watch it again, just push play on it and let it run in the background. Every stream helps.
  • TALK ABOUT IT – All over social media! Tweet constantly whenever you have an opinion, use the hashtag #BBUK – and interact with the official Big Brother accounts as and when they post on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to spread the word of mouth and get more people interested in our show. More than that, interact with others using the hashtag, build our community, make it buzz even more than it already does. Tweet Channel 5, make a fuss, REMIND THEM WE WANT OUR SHOW.
  • FOLLOW OTHERS – Follow fellow Big Brother fans! Make our community huge!
  • If we are lucky enough to get live feed this series, WATCH IT. If there is a stream online, KEEP IT ON even if you’re not watching. Every hit counts. Every stream counts.
  • COME SEE IT! If you live in or near Hertfordshire or North London, come to the house! You can get tickets to see the house and support your favourites by applying via Applause Store UK. You can also apply to be a part of the Bit On The Side audience (do it! It’s a lot of fun and come say hey to me!) by e-mailing with your name and a telephone number. They’ll call you back!
  • SUPPORT IT – Look, if this series ends up being rubbish in terms of production decisions or even Channel 5 decisions I’ll be the first one leading the pack to state this. However, if they continue the brilliance they have started with this series of Celebrity Big Brother, SUPPORT THAT. Tweet that support @bbuk and Channel 5 themselves. Use the hashtag. It will be seen, it will be noted, and it will increase the number of people interested in our show.
  • USE YOUR BRAIN – Remember, Big Brother is a social experiment. If something happens that a housemate does that is PART OF THE CONCEPT and not an excuse for you to whinge about speaking to Ofcom (who will ignore you, as that’s not a breach of the broadcasting code). If a housemate you like is evicted, be upset, sure, but don’t start harping on as if the world is collapsing and that you’ll never watch again. It’s pathetic. The show has survived 18 years without *insert your favourite housemate here*, it doesn’t need them if the public have voted to evict them.
  • APPRECIATE OTHERS – There’s a difference between having a difference of an opinion, and attacking others for theirs. Keep it polite, keep things open and understand that not everyone thinks the same or see’s the same. Don’t make it a toxic environment for others to tweet. Tweet what the hell you like off your own back! Just be careful when replying to others tweets who have an opposing view to you.

The fact it, there is a chance another broadcaster could take Big Brother again if we play our cards right.

My dream is a C4 or E4/Netflix partnership where both the broadcasters cover the cost, E4 can be the home of making sure the show stays relevant with a timed broadcast and eviction events – Netflix can be the home of supporting the show with additional behind the scenes footage, live feed along with all the proper episodes. It’s a partnership I think could work if the broadcasters could work together.

But then Channel 5 could keep the show. I can’t see Ben Frow ever putting his stubbornness towards Big Brother behind him and supporting the channels biggest show, but you never know.

All in all – BIG BROTHER NEEDS YOU, and if you want Big Brother after 2018, it’s time to fight for our show.

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