REACTION: The ‘Final’ Big Brother Eye Revealed


With just ten days to go before what is rumoured to be the final series of Big Brother ever – The final Big Brother eye logo has been revealed, and it is unlike anything that has ever come before it!

Here’s what Channel 5 has to say about it:

“With this brand-new series comes the first surprise, a brand-new take on the Big Brother eye – an interplanetary orb of luminous colours. Big Brother is ready with a bold new series of tasks and twists to challenge and surprise the housemates!”

The most interesting part I found of this announcement is where it says “the first surprise”. What surprises could we have in store between now and launch? Or, are they talking about surprises during the series?

This series has been billed as “The Original Social Experiment” returning, causing fans to speculate a return to a simpler format, which has already been implemented in the current series of Celebrity Big Brother.

The eye, to me, is spectacular. It is easily my favourite Channel 5 Big Brother eye and to be honest is one of my favourite logos ever. I can’t wait to see the title sequence and the graphics that this is capable of. It’s going to look amazing!

It manages to look bright and dark at the same time – with the new shape creating an imposing force which I hope signifies the return of an even stronger Big Brother.

If you look closely, you can actually see eyelashes for the eye, but on the OTHER SIDE. Which means for the first time they have created an eye logo from the inside looking OUT.

Does this perhaps signify the viewer becoming Big Brother himself? Could this be a hint towards a possible return of live feed? Or am I looking in to this too much? Time will tell.

All in all I absolutely love this logo. I am excited for Big Brother like I haven’t been since 2011 and one thing is for sure – we’re in for one hell of an autumn!


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