Roxanne Pallett Vs Ryan Thomas: The Post Mortem

Whoa, last nights episode was an interesting one wasn’t it? If you didn’t see it, here’s a very quick summary:

Incident Summary

Firstly, see this clip. Ryan goes up to Roxanne, a housemate who has spent a lot of time play fighting (and c*ckteasing) fellow housemate Ben, and lightly play fights with her. She screams “owww, woman beater”, in what most would assume a humorous response.

She walked off in to the bedroom sort of being like “lol I just got punched by Corrie’s Jason Grimshaw” to herself. Then she walked in to the toilet and said in her mic “Big Brother can you call me to the diary room, im serious”, so they did. (B*tch please, press the button like everyone else, you’re not royalty). She sits down, asks to speak to a producer multiple times without saying what’s wrong.



Psycho Pallett – Who will she target next!

Next thing you know she’s complaining that Ryan hit her. So Big Brother says it will review the tapes seriously etc.

(To be fair, Big Brother is in an awful position, common sense dictates they tell her she’s being a tw*t, but they’re damned if they ignore it and damned if they do something thanks to the social media mob and the whiners to Ofcom that don’t understand this show or a social experiment) – So they tell her they will speak to Ryan about the incident.

They call Ryan in, give him a formal warning for physical behaviour and send him on his way. (Even the tone of Big Brothers voice giving the warning sounds a bit like “why am I doing this..”

The night carries on…

Roxanne is then talking to Ben who she’s been leading on during her time in there (despite the fact she has a fiance), and he tells her he loves her etc. So then she runs to the diary room again!
She starts going “I can’t sleep in the bedroom” and most viewers will be thinking it’s because she doesn’t want to be in the same room as this guy who said he loves her etc. But then she starts saying she’s scared to sleep in the same room as Ryan!! Like what?! And starts saying “I can’t believe he’s still here and you haven’t thrown him out”. BB are like “we take it seriously and he has been spoken to etc”. Then let her sleep in a spare room.

Episode end.

I don’t think I can quite capture in words both the lunacy of her actions and the sheer insanity of what unfolded. But here we are. I urge you, if you haven’t seen the episode, or don’t even watch Big Brother, watch it!

Head to My5 and see it all for yourself: Celebrity Big Brother August 30th Highlights

Thoughts on the madness

Quite remarkably for an incident of this kind in Big Brother, it seems that a good 95%+ of viewers view Roxanne’s behaviour negatively. Usually, even with the most clear-cut incidents there’s about 20% of people who agree with the fruitloop or defend their behaviour. Not this time. People are, quite rightly, against Roxanne for her actions.

In the era of “Me Too” and women fighting to be heard and believed when they are genuinely abused, Roxanne’s actions are not just questionable, they’re selfish and horrible.

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Roxanne was quite clearly not hurt, she was quite clearly not punched in any way that would have caused genuine pain, and in a scene shown later in the episode, was dancing around to music. That is not the actions of someone injured.

On top of that, near the end of the episode Roxanne said she was scared she would be nominated. That is NOT what a girl who is genuinely scared she’s going to be physically assaulted would be worrying about.

There is a hell of a lot of theories as to why Roxanne chose to do this:

  • She sees Ryan as a threat in the game – She is trying to get him removed to make her chances of winning succeed
  • She has a feud with Ryan already on the outside world and is trying to turn the public against someone she knows will be liked
  • She has realised what the flirting between her and Ben will look like on the outside world and is trying to divert public attention to something else
  • She’s trying to have a “me too” moment, and gain sympathy votes (man, did that backfire!)

I have also heard about 1% of people try to defend her and say she has been in an abusive relationship before. To be honest, my first response to that would be WAS it abusive, or was she as psychotic in that relationship as she is being now? Is that mans life destroyed because there was no camera evidence to back him up?

These people are saying that she may be suffering from PTSD and Ryan’s light play fighting brought it all back. I’m sorry, but I disagree with this on so many levels. She has been shown to play fight all the time in that house, including the NEXT day as seen in a clip on Bit on the Side.

Roger Rabbit-Ryan HOUSEMATE

Given a formal warning for a play fight – poor dude took it like a gentleman though

In addition, PTSD is not an excuse for lying about the actions of another person when they are THAT serious they could totally destroy their career and reputation.

So no, mental health is very important, but it is not an EXCUSE for trying to destroy an innocent persons life.

I have also heard a couple of people say that it doesn’t matter what we perceive happened, SHE perceived it as abusive and therefore should be listened to, and again, I’m sorry, but what a load of ****!

Just because someone is offended, or thinks something, DOES NOT MAKE THEM RIGHT.

Thankfully in this incident there is filmed evidence. It scares me that there are people (not just women) out there who do this on a daily basis. Destroy people’s reputations and lives due to overreactions or downright lying.

She said: “A boy has punched me repeatedly, unprovoked, completed deliberate, like a boxer would punch a bag. We weren’t bantering, there was no exchange.”

That, is immensely dangerous. There is no other way of describing that sort of person. Lies are damaging and ruin lives.

She is making a mockery of Domestic Abuse, and all the real victims of it. It is not OK. No matter how you spin it.

Thankfully, what Big Brother does well, is shine a light on these issues and makes people start thinking about things. After an amazing episode, people are discussing domestic abuse, what is and isn’t abuse, and accepting that people are capable of things like this. For me, it’s an important point, just as much as listening and believing the abused is too. There needs to be a middle ground and this is a fantastic debate. Thank you Big Brother!

Then there are the people who have apparently complained to OfCom. ARE YOU SERIOUS? For what?

OfCom are there to regulate broadcasters. You complain if you think the broadcaster has done something wrong. Big Brother has done nothing wrong in airing the events in a social experiment. Nothing fell outside of broadcasting code, and people need to wake up and realise Ofcom aren’t there for you to complain because you dislike a housemate. This is a game show, if you don’t like a housemate, EVICT THEM. Don’t scream for their removal like a petulant child.

These exact people are the reason why Big Brother had no choice but to give Ryan a formal warning. As much as I believe the producers saw that as ridiculous, as much as the bulk of the viewers did. They had no choice.

Why? Because if they didn’t, people would complain and be offended and that’s the world we live in now. Plus, it opens them up to being sued by Roxanne for “not looking after her”. So if you’re wondering why Big Brother HAS to listen to Roxanne and pander to her idiocy, it’s purely legal.

The producers will think this is ridiculous just as much as you or I.

Bottom line, that was an amazing hour of Big Brother, and 18 years in, this show still has the power to provoke thought, and make your jaw drop to the floor.

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