An open letter to Big Brother fans – I’m sorry

I’m so sorry. Truly, madly, deeply – sorry.

I feel that the majority of you come to me for your dose of negativity (constructive criticism) and apathy at a show we all enjoy.

For the first time in over 7 years, I can’t give that to you.

I am in love with this series of Big Brother.

Every single aspect of it.

OK ok… I hear you. You want a little whinge, fine. WHERE IS THE LIVE FEED? We are having one of the best series of Big Brother ever and we STILL have no live feed? Live feed is the USP of this show! Imagine how much Big Brother could grow with live feed in the social media age where people will constantly be discussing it online, sharing posts and getting word of mouth out on scale never seen in this country before!

That’s all you’re getting from me, for now.

For the first time ever on Channel 5, I feel like we are getting an authentic, entertaining series of Big Brother. Focusing on the format that made the show a success in the first place whilst still including the more modern take that Channel 5 forced upon it since 2011.

Before this series began I was very apprehensive. How many times have we been told things would change? ‘The game is changing’? That ‘fans would be really happy with this series’? But before it even began there was something in the air that gave me the first glimmer of hope I’ve felt in years.

Paul O

Paul Osborne, the SAVIOUR of Big Brother. I owe him all the sexual favours in the world.

Paul Osborne, essentially the new head of the show, has been brought in specifically by Endemol to take control of this series – and from everything he’s said and done, he GETS Big Brother UK. More so than anyone Channel 5 has given this task to since 2011.

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It has been incredible. I know my blog is entirely insignificant but my ego likes to think they’ve gone through my blog posts on how to save this show and actually put them in to action.

A fixed format.

Shopping tasks returning, with rules, explained to the viewer, with actual repercussions on the budget if they fail.

No constant parties.

A fair, varied edit, focusing on comedy and serious conversations and arguments in equal measure.

A real mix of housemates from different walks of life (I genuinely can’t wait to see what they’ve got planned for us with the civilian housemates!)

A real sense of purpose!


The way they dealt with Stormy Daniels, with complete transparency using the companion show, was inspired.

Transparency, on a scale we haven’t seen before on Channel 5, most notably with how they dealt with the Stormy Daniels issues.

Using ‘Bit on the Side’ as a COMPANION show, with exclusives, additional clips that didn’t make the main show and real behind the scenes gossip and views – instead of a bunch of no marks just trying to shout the loudest in the room. Finally, it’s a vehicle for Rylan to really hone his talents as a presenter and Big Brother superfan.

And more!

Seriously, every moment of this series already I have been transfixed at how they’ve changed a show that had become tacky, run of the mill, lost its purpose and seemed to have given up.

It’s emerged from its cocoon and it’s now a glorious Big Butterfly soaring in the reality TV sky and I AM HERE FOR IT.

Channel 5 and Endemol need to stick with this, and they NEED to bring live feed back. Because I can already feel a buzz around Big Brother I’ve not felt in 7 years, not just through me, but casual viewers I’ve spoken to too.

Word of mouth will prevail, but it will take time to win back the viewers they’ve been neglecting whilst appeasing to a bunch of 14 year olds who would be better suited watching Geordie Shore and think Big Brother is boring unless it has a “David’s Dead” moment every episode.

There is something in the water in Borehamwood right now, and I want some of it.

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