13 Great Robbie Williams tracks you might not have heard of…

Iimages make no secret of the fact I’m a huge Robbie Williams fan. I always have been. The best gig I have ever been to was in 2003 during his record breaking open-air Knebworth gigs.

Whilst his sound has changed drastically over the years I’ve always loved each album (even Rudebox, especially Rudebox!).

With each album has come with less mainstream radio support, thanks to the young stations thinking that he’s now irrelevant. Ah well, their loss is my gain.

Here I’d like to take you through one unreleased (or one with little commercial success) track from every album Robbie has released that you might not have heard of from over the years. They might not necessarily be my favourite from each album, but I’d definitely urge a listen!

Lets start from the newest and roll back to the oldest!

Under The Radar Volume II – Released 2017

Go Mental ft. Big Narstie & Atlantic Horns

Under The Radar II is a second batch of tracks that Robbie has put together that weren’t released on his main albums. Some would say B-Sides, but they aren’t lacking quality. In fact quite a number of them should have featured on his main albums they are that good!

One of the stand out tracks from this album is Go Mental, sounding completely fresh from Robbie’s usual tone.

(Honourable mention: Speaking Tongues)

The Heavy Entertainment Show – Released 2016


Motherf*cker, believe it or not. Is a track written by Robbie Williams for… his newborn son! Charlton Williams can grow up safe in the knowledge that if he ever feels strange in himself, it’s ok, because his whole family are crazy motherf*ckers! Apparently…

(Honourable mention: Pretty Woman)

Under The Radar Volume I – Released 2014

H.E.S. (Heavy Entertainment Show)

Another one from Robbie’s Under The Radar series, this album is full of great tracks!
H.E.S. is essentially a precursor to the album of the same name released two years later. Whilst there are probably better tracks on this album, I love this song personally.

(Honourable mention: The Cure & All Climb On)

Swings Both Ways – Released 2013

Shine My Shoes

The second swing album that Robbie has released. The opening track Shine My Shoes is one of the original songs on this album that mostly features covers. It’s powerful, confident and arrogant, and I love it.

(Honourable mention: No One Likes A Fat Pop Star)

Take The Crown – Released 2012


Not much to say on this track, but it’s another one I love. The honourable mention is ‘Losers’, which features one of the funniest videos Robbie has ever produced, take a click below!

(Honourable mention: Losers)

Reality Killed The Video Star – Released 2009

Difficult for Weirdos

This album is full over understated, and underrated tracks. If you’ve not heard it, take a listen in full! Difficult for Weirdos is a track that really resonated with me at the time and I love the sound!

(Honourable mention: Last Days of Disco)

Rudebox – Released 2006


I’m sorry. I know you’ve probably heard Rudebox, and I know it’s the track everyone points to and laughs at when it comes to Robbie, BUT IT IS A BOP.

There are a lot of decent, obscure tracks on the album too. The critics may not have enjoyed the album, but I did!  The honourable mention goes to a double track that gives a mini biography of Robbie’s early life.

(Honourable mention: The 80’s & The 90’s)

Intensive Care – Released 2005

Make Me Pure

Intensive Care is probably my least favourite Robbie album (that doesn’t mean I dislike it, obviously!). Make Me Pure is the stand out track of the album for me.

(Honourable mention: The Trouble With Me)

Escapology – Released 2002

Hot Fudge

Escapology is one of my favourite Robbie albums, its full of huge tracks and is the last album to feature his “early” sound that made him so popular. Hot Fudge is an amazing track.

(Honourable mention: Me & My Monkey & Cursed)

Swing When You’re Winning – Released 2001

I Will Talk and Hollywood Will Listen

An original track off his first massively successful swing album which mostly featured swing covers.

(Honourable mention: Me and My Shadow)

Sing When You’re Winning – Released 2000

Knutsford City Limits

From the album that brought us Rock DJ, Supreme & Kids. Sing When You’re Winning was a huge release. There are lots of tracks on here I’d like to put!

(Honourable mention: If It’s Hurting You)

I’ve Been Expecting You – Released 1998

Karma Killer

From the album that brought us No Regrets, Millenium and She’s The One. Karma Killer is a rock track, where Robbie spills pure venom, singing about his former Take That band manager.

(Honourable mention: These Dreams)

Life Thru A Lens – Released 1997

Life Thru A Lens

Robbie’s debut album! Oddly, the title track was never released. Which is a shame as its a banger! Maybe it was considered a bit too rocky a release for a pop audience at the time.

(Honourable mention: Ego A Go Go)

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