Thoughts on Celebrity Big Brother’s new trailer

At the time of writing, it’s only 10 days until what could be the final Celebrity Big Brother ever launches on Channel 5!

Channel 5 have released a trailer for the upcoming series, airing on Channel 5’s family of channel’s including others owned by parent company Viacom including MTV and Comedy Central.

Unfortunately, like all advertising campaigns on Channel 5, I don’t think they’re really reaching a core audience. Nobody watches Channel 5, especially the audience they need to hit. So if Channel 5 want this series to be a success they need to dip in to their pocket and advertise on other channels.

bbadI genuinely believe part of the reason Love Island launches so well is due to their extensive advertising campaign across ITV branded channels, especially helped with a lot of promo during Britain’s Got Talent live week, which is conveniently scheduled the week beforehand.

If Channel 5 had a brain, they would have pulled the launch of Big Brother forward a week or two, and extensively advertised during the final week of Love Island, and other highly rated shows with a similar core audience.

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But therein lies the problem. It is my belief that Channel 5 want Big Brother to fail this year. Endemol Shine, the production company behind Big Brother, seem to be trying to pull out all the stops to make this series a success. I’m not getting that same vibe from Channel 5 themselves however.

My belief is that Channel 5 want the show to continue its ratings decline, so they can axe it, and unlike Channel 4, ensure that it is not an exciting prospect for a different channel to pick it up.

The CBB Trailer

The trailer itself looks extremely sleek. I really like how the trailer LOOKS. I love light and colour and it’s great that it comes across as looking really impressive visually.

I like the sound track and I like what they’re trying to get across. But I don’t quite think it has much of an impact on a casual viewer. Are they going to watch that and get excited? Is the “media storm” USP of this series being directly references enough that a casual viewer will ‘get it’?

Will most viewers hear the song being used and think of Big Brother? The lack of the show theme song in the promo is a bit of a mistake in my opinion. There should have been a little reference to it at the end.

I do like that it doesn’t feel cheesy though. A lot of the time promo on Channel 5 feels very cringe, and this does a better job of not feeling that.

My hope is that in these last 10 days before launch Endemol and Channel 5 ramp up the buzz wagon. House pics are yet to come (although for me I’d like teasers of the house beforehand, with a full house tour on launch night). 24/7 online live feed being announced (paid or free) would create a big buzz that would draw in advertising pre-launch and during the show too. But I feel like it’s more likely that Nigel Farage will come out as a remain supporter than that.

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