Celebrity Big Brother’s Storm is Coming

18th July 2018 – 18 years ago today the first ever episode of Big Brother aired, and to celebrate Big Brother has just released the theme and eye logo of the upcoming series of Celebrity Big Brother!

Celebrity Big Brother has been slated to air in mid-August this year, with the normal Big Brother series airing afterwards. This has been done so that Big Brother could avoid Love Island, and stand a chance in the ratings during the final year of its contract with Channel 5.

Big Brother has teased the new series of Celebrity Big Brother with an “eye of the storm” theme. Media outlets have reported that producers are looking for Celebrities that have a story to tell, something controversial to overcome or that have something interesting to bring. Which makes a change to them filling the house with whichever Z-List scripted reality stars they could find. It looks like they’re returning to their social experiment roots, but only time will tell.

Today, Endemol have teased that “”All of the celebrity names entering the house will have been caught up in their own media storm. And now, the celebrities are once again putting themselves in the public eye and this time they have a lot to prove” – This sounds brilliant if they can bring together a mix of celebs that really fit this bill!


A storm is coming to Channel 5…

If I’m looking at this eye through their promo of “eye of the storm” then I don’t think it works at all at first glance from the first official photo released. The eye itself has more of a haunted fairground feel (in fact, it feels like it would be at home in Until Dawn’s Rush of Blood VR game!)

However, if I take away how they’ve promoted it, I really like this eye. It’s really striking and I love the dark, rusted undertones of the eye. Darker eyes usually signal a more serious Big Brother in terms of rules and how they run the show in the past. So it has got me really excited!

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I really like that they’ve not tried to copy Love Island this year too. The temptation to go for some sleek, boring standard eye with some sort of beach theme would have been there but they’ve opted to stand out and I applaud them for that. I just hope the same will be said of the series and the house.

Speaking of the house, if the logo is indicative of the house at all then I’m in for one of my most enjoyable houses ever! I love lights so if they’re utilising neon at a level they haven’t used before I’m very excited. They just need to strike that balance of it looking epic, and it looking tacky and an eye-sore.

We have a month before this series airs and they’ve put this promo in early, so I really hope that Channel 5 are trying to save this show and will pump a lot of money in to advertising the hell out of the series and doing everything they can do whip up a storm of hype! (See what I did there?)

I’m hoping that Channel 5 will drip feed information about the new series over the course of next month and make sure it’s in the media as much as possible. I’m still hoping they announce the full 24/7 return of an online paid for live feed, as I continue to be adamant that it’s the only way to give Big Brother its unique selling point and bring back viewers in 2018 who will create the hype for the show for free on social media.


I’ll be here throughout the series, I’m debating starting a YouTube channel to react to this upcoming series, if anyone has any experience in doing this (video editing etc), please get in touch and give me a few pointers!

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Big Brother is back.. And we are in for one hell of a storm this autumn!

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