My Playstation VR Experience So Far

A few months ago I decided to treat myself to a Playstation VR headset for my Playstation 4 system. I had planned to get it a year before, but due to some personal circumstances that just didn’t happen. But I am glad I waited a year because it meant some great titles were added to the roster of games available for it.

When I first put the headset on and played my first game I was immediately impressed by how it all worked and looked. On some games the graphics can be better, but even with reduced graphics on some AAA games, it still makes you feel like you are right in the middle of the action and for me it is worth every penny.

Here are few of the games I have played for the Playstation VR and my thoughts on them.

1. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

This spinoff from the original Until Dawn horror game sounds absolutely rubbish on paper. It is an “on rails” shooter (you’re on a roller-coaster from start to finish, literally) and through the games seven levels you are taken through locations from the original game dealing with scarier enemies and bigger jumps as the game progresses.

You can use the normal PS4 controller to play this game, using the dual sticks to aim your two guns. However for the best experience you need to use two PS Move controllers for quick, accurate and far more realistic aiming and shooting.

Rush of Blood is easily my favourite experience I have had on the VR system so far. The use of VR makes even tame horror scares become ultra jump scares because you really feel like you are in that world. (Make sure the room you are in is dark, you have no disturbances, and the volume is set to LOUD!).

A scoring system for shooting enemies, different collectibles in each level and a platinum trophy increase the replay-ability for this relatively short game.

If you’re a fan of horror and don’t need too much of a storyline to play a game, I seriously recommend this.ps1

2. I Expect You To Die

I expect you to die is a tremendous amount of fun. You play as a spy sent out to stop an evil villain in a James Bond parody style theme.

For the gameplay, you sit in a car, room, train carriage or otherwise and you have to explore your surroundings to complete a goal. That goal is sometimes to escape or find a specific piece of information etc.

If you have ever played a real life Escape Room and enjoyed it then this game is for you. It is currently the closest experience you will get to an Escape Room and you can increase the fun by playing with a friend and discussing how to achieve your goal.

As the name of the game hints, you’re going to die, a lot! So trial and error is important.

The only drawback of this title is the length, there aren’t that many levels which is a real shame considering just how exciting this game is to play, and unfortunately once you have completed it, the mystery of figuring out how to complete the level is gone, making replay-ability of this game almost nil.ps2

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3. WipeOut Omega VR

WipeOut is one of my favourite racers I have ever played. It is also one of the most difficult to master but once you get good at the game you will absolutely love it.

WipeOut is a combat racer with a lot of different modes to enjoy. The normal racing will have you competing against other ships, using pick-ups found on the track to destroy other ships and defend your own.

Flying around race tracks at Mach One speed on a screen is already a thrilling experience but taking it to the PS VR headset and immersing yourself as the pilot of the ship just takes the thrill even higher.

Unfortunately, the move to VR (a free patch to the original game) comes with a slight graphical downgrade. But this really doesn’t matter. You still feel like you’re right in the middle of the action, flying at top speeds around corners at 60fps.

If you’re a fan of racers, you can’t pass up this opportunity!ps3

4. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 is one of the most in-depth and complete games for VR available on the Playstation VR and it is one hell of an experience.

This game is true horror and if you can manage to complete it using only the VR headset and not reverting to the standard screen, then you deserve a knighthood.

The game itself is a first person survival horror / puzzler where you are thrust in to a situation and essentially your job is generally to escape a mansion run by a family of absolute nut jobs. There’s a lot more to the story, but that would be spoiling it, and I wouldn’t like to do that as the story is one of the best things about this title.

I suffered with motion sickness playing this game for long periods with VR, so I would recommend playing short bursts at a time. The game designers have added options to reduce motion sickness, such as moving in 90 degree angles instead of a smooth rotation if you wish to utilise this, but the jumps also had a disorienting effect.

I’m picking at very small issues though, because this game is a MUST have in your VR collection.ps4

That’s it for my first batch of games I’ve played! I’ll pop another post up in the future as my Playstation VR experience continues!

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