Loïc Nottet Should Be An International Superstar

loicLoïc Nottet is a Belgian singer who you may know from his highly successful entry in Eurovision 2015 with “Rhythm Inside” (see below).

However Loïc Nottet is so much more than that and has one of the most phenomenal vocals I’ve ever heard along with an incredibly artistic gift for songwriting.

Following his Eurovision appearance in 2015 and participating on The Voice Belgique in 2014, Loïc released his debut album ‘Selfocracy’ in 2017 to widespread acclaim in his home country of Belgium along with success in France and Switzerland.

The lyrics of his songs are very deep and it’s clear from both his recording talent, live shows and music videos that the man oozes talent out of every pore. He easily impresses me more than so many male soloists who have achieved international acclaim, and Loïc should be right there alongside them.

Here I’d like to share with you some of his released singles and urge you to take a listen if you haven’t heard of him before. I’ve been listening to these songs a lot recently, some (not all!) because of their lyrical content, some because of their mood and some simply because they are great records. Take a listen and let me know what you think!

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1. Mud Blood

A highly relatable song for me about fighting the light and dark within you, and the ways people find escapism to try to forget the darkness. Plus, it’s a JAM of a song and the video is a work of art.

Noteable lyrics:

We’re gonna lose, mama
Because we choose, mama
To say that we’re the best
But we look just like the rest, mama
We want that crown, mama
And we want it now, mama
To be the selfish kings
Of a worthless empire

2. Doctor

I love this track so so much, lyrically it is genius and I love just how much content is packed inside this song about losing self-control. It’s another song that artistically I just adore.

Notable lyrics:

So why you laughing at me?
You, why you laughing at me, doctor?
Is that all you want from me?
Is that all you wish for me, motherf*cker?
Watching me losing my peace
Pushing me down to my knees, b*stard
Do I need to beg you please?
It’s feeling more like a trick than treat

3. Million Eyes

If you know me, you probably know that ballads aren’t generally my thing. But this is pulled off with such sincerity that I can’t help but love every second of this track especially its roaring chorus. Outside of Eurovision, this is his most successful track with over 38 million views at the time of writing. Million Eyes is a song about the person we try to be to please others because everyone is watching whilst suffering with our own inner demons.

Notable lyrics:

Drowning I’m drowning in that clown’s mask
To make you laugh at my thousand flaws
Alone when I’m all alone I take my smile off
But your heartless words have left me scars
‘Cause with your million eyes you’re watching me
You talk behind my back
You spy on me
So I scream and shout to make you leave

4. Chandelier

Chandelier is a cover of the Sia track of the same name. Loïc takes Sia’s track and places his incredible vocals on to it after gaining recognition for his live performance of the track during his time on The Voice.

5. Rhythm Inside

Rhythm Inside is the track that introduced me to Loïc. He performed this for his country in Eurovision and came an incredibly high 4th place with this contemporary piece that was fresh to hear on the Eurovision stage at the time.

Notable lyrics:

And if we die tomorrow
What do we have to show
For the wicked ways down below
The rhythm inside is telling us
We can fly tomorrow
On the beautiful wind that blows
On the cosmic track, love attack
I’m gonna’ get that rhythm back

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