Eurovision 2017 – Top 42 Rankings

Welcome! Bienvenue! Willkommen! It’s that time of year again… The Eurovision Song Contest is fast approaching!

Over in Ukraine rehearsals have already begun on the epic staging ready for the first semi final on Tuesday May 9th, building up to the grand final on Saturday May 11th.

Just in time I shall now present you with my personal Top 42 Rankings! Usually I like to go in to so much more depth with my comments etc on this but I simply do not have the time. So I’ve added a few little comments. But here it goes!

Let me know if you agree, disagree or whatever in the comments or send me a tweet @ljay815 for a euro-chat!

I work my rankings out by first listening to the songs repeatedly. Then, once I know the songs I then go through them all and decide whether I like them, think they are meh, or whether I dislike them. Once they are in those three categories, I then go through each category and put them in to an upper or lower section of that category. Therefore I have 6 categories overall.


Eurovision 2016 Winner – Jamala – Ukraine

Bottom Ranked Songs: These are the songs I simply do not like or just find really dull. The upper scale of this group are more not to my personal taste but I can see why people would like them.

42. In Too Deep – Tijana Bogicevic – Serbia
41. Breathlessly – Claudia Finiello – Malta
40. My Friend – Jacques Houdek – Croatia
39. Keep The Faith – Tamara Gachechiladza – Georgia
38. Rain of Revolution – Fusedmarc – Lithuania
37. Spirit of the Night – Valentina Monetta, Jimmie Wilson – San Marino
36. On My Way – Omar Naber – Slovenia
35. Paper – Svala – Iceland
34. Dying to Try – Brendan Murray – Ireland
33. Lights and Shadows – OG3NE – Netherlands
32. Perfect Life – Levina – Germany

Meh Ranked Songs (lower): These are the songs that I’m mostly indifferent to, or think are okay but I’m more likely to skip when they come on the shuffle

31. My Turn – Martina – Czech Republic
30. Flashlight – Kasia Mos – Poland
29. Origo – Papai Joci – Hungary
28. Where Am I – Anja Nissen – Denmark
27. Gravity – Hovig – Cyprus
26. Amer pelos Dois – Salvador Sobral – Portugal
25. Yodel It! Ilinca, Alex Florea – Romania (Although the staging for this sounds awesome! My ranking is based purely on the studio version, I can see my ranking rising alot for this once I see it performed)
24. This is Love – Demy – Greece
23. Apollo – Timebelle – Switzerland
22. Don’t Come Easy – Isaiah – Australia
21. Blackbird – Norma John – Finland
20. Historyja Majho zyccia – NAVIBAND – Belarus
19. World – Lindita – Albania
18. Never Give Up On You – Lucie Jones – United Kingdom (My home country)

Top Ranked Songs (lower): These are the songs I am happy to listen to when they come on the shuffle, I don’t particularly want them to win over the upper section, but I like them nonetheless!


Artsvik – Armenia – 16th place

17. Skeletons – Dihaj – Azerbaijan
16. Fly With Me – Artsvik – Armenia
15. Verona – Kiot Toome, Laura – Estonia (Elina Born was robbed)
14. Running on Air – Nathan Trent – Austria (I LOVE Nathan Trent’s vocals)
13. Do It For Your Lover – Manel Navarro – Spain
12. City Lights – Blanche – Belgium

Top Ranked Songs (upper): These are my top songs! I’d be over the moon if any of them won, however if I’m being honest my real top is the top 4, I found it very hard to choose between my top 4 this year, and even as I write this I’ve changed it a little!


O.Torvold – Ukraine – 5th place

11. I Feel Alive – IMRI – Israel (Not a patch on Golden Boy from 2015 but still a fun song, although I feel like the lyrics let it down)
10. Line – Triana Park – Latvia (This would be so much higher if the song didn’t end up so repetitive)
9. Requiem – Alma – France
8. Dance Alone – Jana Burcheska – FYR Macedonia
7. Grab The Moment – JOWST – Norway
6. Space – Slavko Kalezic – Montenegro
5. Time – O.Torvald – Ukraine
4. I Can’t Go On – Robin Bengtsson – Sweden
3. Hey Mamma – Sunstroke Project – Moldova (This grows on me more every day!)
2. Beautiful Mess – Kristian Kostov – Bulgaria (I’m not usually one for a ballad but this song is great and so are his live vocals from what I have heard so far)
1. Occidentali’s Karma – Francesco Gabbani – Italy


Francesco Gabbani – Italy – Number 1!

My rankings will more than likely change right up until the final as I see more from their live performances on the Eurovision stage, but right now this is it!

You can view all of the songs by clicking here


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