Why Dexter Should Win Big Brother

Here we are, we are at the final of Big Brother 2013 and once again I come to you to present why this years most complex character should walk out victorious.

Five housemates remain in the running to be crowned your winner – Charlie, Dexter, Gina, Jack & Joe and Sam – Who wins? You decide!


SamI’ll start off with Sam, the favourite to win. Sam is an interesting one. Up until the “Prize Fund – Twist Within a Twist” twist I had the opinion that I would feel alright if he won. I felt that way because although he hasn’t been given much of the edit from Channel 5, he clearly is trying to have a good time without the need for attention seeking drama like the other housemates, along with him seeming like a genuinely good guy. However, on the night of that twist he laid in to Dexter in a way that really put me off him straight away. It was very telling that he has been shown to not get involved with arguments for 9 weeks but now it is near the end he decided to jump on the bandwagon and attack the housemate that they all think will be popular with the audience to attack.

At this point Sam took the only redeeming feature he had about him that would have let me be happy with him winning. Before that it was OK that he didn’t get involved in arguments. For me, a Big Brother winner doesn’t need to be the one of “tells it like it is” or gets involved in loads of arguments. A winner needs to be likeable, relatable and have a good soul in my opinion. Sam did fit the bill, but he doesn’t any longer. That being said, a good Big Brother winner does need to be someone who has made the show enjoyable too, Sam has not done that, but I’m not sure whether that is completely due to Sam or the edit of Channel 5 which only seems to focus on tasks, romances and any sort of drama they can manipulate in the house.

What the bookies say: WINNER
My Prediction: Runner-Up
Where I want him to finish: 3rd place


CharlieNext up it’s Charlie. Charlie is another housemate who had a big turning point with me where I feel her real side has been revealed. During the first part of the show I liked Charlie, I thought she was a sweet girl who didn’t have much confidence and wasn’t sure what to do with being forced in to the centre of a randomly concocted “love triangle”.

However, as the show progressed it became clear that Charlie was playing both Dexter and Callum and stringing them along (especially Callum). My biggest gripe with Charlie is that she has screwed over the three housemates who have clearly cared about her the deepest in the show. She screwed over her own mother in the house by being a bit of a stroppy daughter, she has screwed over Callum by nominating even though she would have quite deep conversations with him and give Callum the idea that she liked him and she screws over Dexter almost nightly at the moment with the constant (and very BORING) repetitive cycle of “I really like you Dexter!” to “I don’t know how I feel about you Dexter” to “I think you’re using me Dexter” to “I think you’re an evil person Dexter” to “I really like you Dexter!” – repeat, nightly.

On top of how she treats those closest to her, Charlie herself is a very wet individual with no real opinion and does try to sit on the fence with a lot of things that happen in the house. I am not going to sit here shouting “game player” because I don’t think there is anything wrong with playing a game in a game show. However, her game is extremely apparent, dull and is not one I am a fan of for a winner. If it wasn’t for Dexter and Callum she would be this years Rachel Rice.

What the bookies say: 5th place
My prediction: 5th place
Where I want her to finish: 4th place

Jack & Joe

JackJoeThe twins have been at the forefront of this years “fun”. To be fair to them they have all the hallmarks of a usual Big Brother winner, however viewers seem to have taken a disliking to them due to what they perceive to be “forced behaviour”. I honestly don’t know what to think. I hate them in the diary room, they do come across as extremely forced. However, 90% of their time in the house I do feel is just naturally them. Personally, I really like Joe and I think he could have won the show if he was in there by himself. Jack lets the two down, just the other day he was telling Joe to shut up when Joe was just stating how he felt about leaving the house soon because he was worried what the audience might think.

It’s been nice to have some “normal” housemates in the shape of these two. They aren’t media savvy, they’re surprisingly young and have normal jobs. They are not models or PR people or whatever like Channel 5 seem to orgasm over when picking housemates. They’re just two lads who are both obviously big fans of Big Brother, and I do admire that about them and wish that Channel 5 would put more housemates like that in the house. That being said, I really dislike “pairings” going in to the Big Brother house, it gives them an unfair advantage and skews the overall game, so I’m glad that once again this year a “pairing” is not going to win.

I am surprised they aren’t higher favourites to win than they currently are. They are funny, they have been involved with a lot of things in this years Big Brother and I don’t think this series would have been the same without them. Will they win? Probably not. But I really do think that they will finish much higher than the 4th place that they are currently being given by the bookies.

What the bookies say: 4th placeMy prediction: 3rd place (I really think they are the wildcard of the final and could finish anywhere between 1st-4th)
Where I want them to finish: Runners-Up


GinaAnyone who follows me on Twitter will know of my particular dislike for “Queen” Gina. I have disliked her from the moment she walked in the house and stuck up her nose at the fact she might have to sleep in a bed with another housemate. I can’t forget the “is this your bed? is this your bed? is this your bed?” moment that boiled my blood, and since then she has done nothing to redeem herself.

Yes, Gina has been at the front of the so-called entertainment this series, but is that for the right reasons? She has been at the fore-front of the show because of her being a bitch, a spoilt brat and being given a fair chunk best tasks by Big Brother themselves.

Gina may win because of her vendetta with Hazel. The public disliked Hazel a lot and when Dexter and Gina were voted in to the safe house and were allowed to see what we were seeing (plus a lot more…) Gina was given the ammunition to begin her take down of Hazel. There is a task where she is asked “Why are you targetting the strongest females in the house?” and (although I still hate Endemol for continuing to allow rubbish tasks like this that give them information about how they are perceived on the outside world) it is completely true. She first shot off Sallie, then Hazel then she has even tried Charlie. The way she speaks about people she doesn’t get on with leaves me cold as well. Gina is a horrible individual who doesn’t deserve public adulation just because she’s been picked from the editing to be on the show more than most housemates.

A popular argument for Gina is that she “tells it like it is, and I like people who say how they feel”. You know what, me too, but there comes a point where saying what you think or feel is just completely rude, idiotic and self obsessed. Whatever happened to manners? For someone who always goes on about “class” she doesn’t seem to have much. Lastly, wash your hair Gina.

What the bookies say: 3rd place
My prediction: WINNER or 4th place (I believe many Ginxster fans won’t get off the fence and make a decision so I think one will finish very highly and one will suffer)
Where I want her to finish: 5th place (or if I could invent a time machine and vote her out week one instead that would be cool)


DexterAh Dexter Koh, this years winner in my eyes and the subject of unfair targeting from Bit on the Side and the main show just like a previous “controversial” winner Aaron. During Dexters 9 weeks in the house I have seen somebody who has played a game very well and there is nothing wrong with that, I have also seen somebody who has shown real strength of character and somebody who has managed to be entertaining throughout the shows run without being rude, argumentative or self obsessed.

I do believe we have seen genuine moments with Dexter although many will disagree. I think during his fake eviction he was genuinely overwhelmed to have been voted to be kept in by the public. He is always incredibly nervous and thankful on eviction nights and it is obvious that winning the show will mean a great deal to Dexter.

Some people like to criticise Dexter for not picking the highest amount in the Prize Fund twist. However, if I had the opportunity to win ยฃ88,800 I would not turn it down! It is possible to both want the money and want to win Big Brother for the experience and confirmation of being liked.

Yes, Dexter has quite obviously studied the show, he knows that vulnerable housemates who go on a “journey” go down well with the public. However as I’ve said previously there is nothing wrong with playing a game. He has played an extremely good one, so much so that I don’t know where Dexter ends and the game plan begins. However much of Dexter has been real, it has been entertaining and fun to watch him above all the other housemates. His game plan hasn’t seen him go under the radar like some other housemates. His game plan has seen him get involved constantly.

What the bookies say: Runner-Up
My prediction: WINNER or 4th place (I believe many Ginxster fans won’t get off the fence and make a decision so I think one will finish very highly and one will suffer)
Where I want him to finish: WINNER

Good luck Dex, you’ll need it…


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