Celebrity Big Brother Final Day!

Tonight the final five battle it out to take home the crowd of Celebrity Big Brother champion 2012. Frankie Cocozza is the favourite to win it and let’s face it, he most likely will.

Personally I don’t want him to win, mainly because for me there has only been one part where he has gotten his popularity from and that was when he was sticking up for Denise. That act alone has changed me from booing him when I am in the crowd tonight to cheering him. However, other than that I don’t think he deserves to win. Yes, he did that one act, but I personally dislike how he talks to women, how he talks about women, how some people watch him and think that it is normal to be a bit of a dick “because he is young” and because generally, he’s a bit of an idiot. Pure and simple. Plus I don’t really agree with many of his personal life choices.

So there you have it, I’m not going to boo him, but I don’t want him to win.

The most likely contenders against him today are Denise and shockingly, the Twins.

Again, I’m not a fan of Denise’s either, I find her to be pretty shameless and I’m not a fan of that, but this is Big Brother, and fun is what we want! So out of the three I’d prefer Denise to win.

That being said, I would really kind of love it if the twins won, as it would be a complete shock for me – Two people who are openly playing the game of Big Brother who are completely blinded by their overconfidence to win a popularity contest? That would be a Big Brother first – and although it’s nice to see the public opinion turnaround of someone like Frankie Cocozza winning like Alex Reid did a couple of years ago from boos to cheers, it would be refreshing to see someone that people generally dislike winning the show because they have been among the most entertaining entrants this year.

I do not like the twins, I think it’s pretty obvious why – But you can’t deny that they’ve been entertaining to watch this year.

The outsiders to win, Michael and Gareth, are actually the two I would prefer to win tonight. I like Gareth because each and every one who has been evicted has said Gareth should win, so there is a hell of a lot that Big Brother isn’t showing us in the massively edited highlights show.

However, Michael is the guy I want to win. He is refreshingly honest and entertaining and his one liners have made this series for me. I think it’s a shame that he allowed his dislike of Denise to overshadow how entertaining he can be, especially as I was on his side when this first started happening because it did seem that Denise just wouldn’t leave him alone.

If I’m being completely honest, I don’t have massive feeling either way towards who I want to win. I never do for the celebrity series, mainly because it is such a short show compared to the full length summer version and it’s only after a couple of months that you really start to see what somebody is really like in different dimensions on Big Brother.

So, I look forward to heading down to Elstree tonight and watching my first live show and applauding whoever wins. It’s bound to be a great night whatever happens, although I really hope that there is an upset and the “favourite” doesn’t win!

Apologies for the rushed nature of this post today.


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