Big Brother is Coming…

Happy New Year and welcome to 2012! That can mean only one thing – Big Brother is coming.

That’s right, a new year brings a fresh crop of Celebrity housemates to the famous abode in Elstree and with Channel 5’s second series I am hoping for a growth from the original run in 2011 that tried to be too much like The Only Way is Essex and forgot that it was Big Brother. Again, I have been caught up in the hype machine and I’m doing my best to believe that this series will be much better than the woeful excuse in 2011. Sure, the main show was a pretty good series, but it was marred by many behind the scenes problems and bad editing that it was made horrible to watch, eventually crowning Aaron the winner to a chorus of boos – Which I believe only happened due to the obvious teenage skewed editing.

I’m getting ahead of myself anyway, the true Big Brother is not back until the summer! We have a cold winter to get through just yet and the first “full” celebrity series of Big Brother since 2010. With rumoured housemates including Frankie Cocozza, Freddie Starr, Ruby Wax, Andrew Stone, Wiley and Michael Madsen I’m not holding out too much hope for a great line up in terms of fame, but hopefully they can put a great batch in that will be what Big Brother encompasses – Comedy, arguments, romance, tension, manipulation and all sides of the human psyche.

The live feed might not be back in full still but it has been announced that an hour will be available after each “live” show. Better than nothing! Still a long way to go though Mr Channel 5.

Here we go again… The fun begins Thursday 5th at 9pm on Channel 5.



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