Why Aaron Should Win Big Brother

Another year brings another Big Brother final. Unfortunately Channel 5 have ruined the show but that’s another post. Today, I present to you the reasons why the years most controversial housemate should walk away with the grand prize.

Five housemates remain with one being booted out tonight ahead of the final tomorrow night. Aaron, Alex, Jay, Louise and Tom fight it out, and don’t be fooled, they are all in a game show, and they ALL are playing to win.


I’ll start off with Alex, the favourite to win. To be honest I find her inoffensive and a worthy second place in this years series. Do I think she should win? Not really. Overall I really don’t think she has contributed enough to the entertainment of this series. The best part that included her was when Big Brother made her have a fake tan, repeatedly. But that wasn’t her that made it funny, it was all Big Brother.
I feel that she is playing up the “dumb blonde” card a bit too much because everybody knows that “dumb” people generally do quite well on Big Brother. On top of that, she hasn’t been involved in a single argument. Some may call that admirable. Me? I believe that she has been keeping her head down and staying inoffensive and “on the fence”. The simple reason for this is that most Big Brother winners fit that exact mould.


Next up we have Tom. By all accounts he should be a favourite to win, he’s fun (maybe a little bit too fun? Not exactly a real person for 64 days straight). However, I think he will be evicted tonight or come 4th tomorrow. Which is a shame as I would like to see him finish in the top 3. As well as being a fun housemate he hasn’t been afraid to speak his mind. It’s just unfortunate that many times he does speak his mind it’s usually ill-informed and based on the facts he can be in the wrong. Although I did love that in the first couple of weeks after an argument between Heaven and Rebeckah, Rebeckah cornered him and tried to get him on her side, and he replied with “don’t get me involved, besides, you’re in the wrong”. Always good to see someone with a backbone in there too.


I forget who our next housemate is… You know… That thing that doesn’t really say much or have much of a brain, she has a pretty face… That thing that has only been stuck on the side of Jay since the start? Oh! Louise.
Let’s make this clear. Louise is a game player. From day one she went straight in the diary room and said “I’m normal”, she’s repeated this over and over. In the first couple of weeks she kept going to the diary room and saying that “I’m normal, I don’t really get on with everyone here because they are not normal”. At this point she is trying to strike up a relationship with the public as “the nice inoffensive girl”. Unfortunately she’s got no personality so that didn’t really work.
But for me, the biggest game playing moment was her whole relationship with Jay. To begin with she didn’t really connect with Jay and she seemed unsure if she wanted the relationship. Did anybody else notice that the same day she properly started a relationship with Jay was TWO HOURS after Jay was saved from his first eviction, and the whole house heard massive cheers for him. She saw that he was popular then latched herself on to him. Even if you don’t agree that she’s a game player, you can surely agree that she is dull, non-entertaining and has no personality whatsoever.


That brings me on to Jay. Firstly with him I will tell you a story about him that wasn’t shown on the main highlights show, but was revealed on the sister show “Bit On The Side” and accepted by multiple housemates after their evictions. Remember that week where Harry ordered all those bananas and not much else? Remember how angry Jay got? Well, Jay got so angry that he decided to take a shit. Not just any old shit though, no, the toilet was too good for Jay. Instead, the wonderful alpha male “Jay McKray” (real name Justin Waggot), decided to take a shit, and put it in the fridge for the other housemates to see him.
Now, why do you suppose that Big Brother didn’t show this? Simple, they wanted him to win, or at least be liked and stay in longer. The reason for this is because he was starting in a relationship. All the producers have been interested in this series has been the romance, which is why there were three couples in the final six and which is why every time something happens that whole episode is about the relationship. It started with Rebeckah and Aden and has been swiftly followed by many others. Why do you think they care so much about relationships? This is because the owner of channel 5 also owns OK!, The Daily Star, and one of the other Daily tabloids. He wants the next ‘showbiz’ couple that he can give a spinoff channel 5 show to and cover in all of his media outlets to sell more.

 Maybe you doubt the validity of my story? Well, other than the fact that a) this story was announced weeks ago and b) housemates have verified this – If you look at Tuesdays show Jay said the following: “I can’t do fuck all in here, I can’t eat protein, I have a shit diet, I can’t go to the gym, I can’t shit in a kettle when someone pisses me off or beat the crap out of people like I would on the outside”. I’m not sure what more you would need now? He’s obviously been told off by BB when that happened and told not to do it again.

The guy is a bully. All week he’s been saying that he wants to punch the crap out of Aaron. If you have the mentality of “It’s manly to get in to fights etc”, well firstly, you’re a dick, and secondly, where do you draw the line? What if that other person that he decides was looking at him that little bit too weirdly has that problem where the skull is really thin and can crack really easily. One hit, and boom, he’s killed someone. Is that manly? Oh, and yes, it is the same thing.

To make matters worse he is spineless. When Rebeckah lied and told him that Heaven was in the store-room eating all the food, he later found out that Rebeckah was lying. When confronted by Heaven, he played dumb and said to Heaven that Rebeckah hadn’t said anything to him. Simply spineless. He comes across as a “nice Geordie guy”, but really when you REALLY look at the motives and depths of what he does, he’s a spineless, dull, arrogant prick with a serious alpha male complex. He says things like “Can I kick you in the C*unt”, he makes racist jokes on national TV. Let’s say you are “team Jay” and think Aaron is a game player. Is playing a game on a game show a crime? No, assault is though. Jay knows Aaron is his competition so he is trying to make him look like he is the one causing problems, when the only one who has been annoyed at Aaron this week is, funnily enough, Jay. (No matter what the BB editing is trying to make out).


But now, on to my winner. Aaron, the most entertaining housemate of Big Brother 2011, he’s clever, caring, and have you seen his dancing? Anyone who dances like that has to be a top bloke.. *ahem*. Sure, he has had his down points, he could have done with less stropping, but when you are stuck in a house with a load of people you don’t like, with no escape you’re not exactly going to be jumping for joy. That’s not to say he hasn’t been fun, he is able to be a part of the fun of course (I go back to his dancing..). It’s not easy in Big Brother, especially when you are being yourself and real. Not the “I’m normal and real” game that Louise plays, but the REAL real. Because REAL is not perfect.
He has stuck to his principles on everything in that house and he has not been afraid to speak his mind even when it is obvious that the public wouldn’t like it. If he was playing a game, why would he be saying things he knows the public wouldn’t want to hear or like him for? Like the nominations twist recently. I believe he has been himself from start to finish and I don’t buy any of the manipulative rubbish that the production team are trying to make out. I mean sure, there may have been some game playing on his part but a) it’s a game show! and b) they are all guilty of that.
He has just been honest, he is stuck in a house with people that he doesn’t share any interests with and who have minimal IQ and therefore very little stimulating conversation unless you like talking about sex all day every day, or you think World War 2 was in the 60s (thanks Tom!). He has been honest, he doesn’t like these people much apart from a couple like Alex, he hasn’t tried to fake his emotions which is something I really agree with, and he sticks to his principles even when they aren’t always popular which I admire and I try to do this too.
The editing keeps making him out to be moody, but when you’ve been in a house for 60 days of course you are going to want space to yourself, and what is actually wrong with that?

Aaron is the best housemate in there, pure are simple. He has given the most entertainment and without him this series would have been very dull. He has stirred things up in the house, perhaps knowingly, but without him, we would have been watching paint dry, or a repeat of Big Brother 4 where they all got on. Yawn.

I have a cheeky £13 on him winning. Good luck Aaron, you’ll need it…


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  1. Fantastic article!
    Excellent observations and analysis!
    I think I love you 😮

  2. Brilliant article!

  3. What a brilliant article, I agree with everything there, its like my minds been written out for me. I dislike Jay, Louise is sly and boring, and of course, my fav, Aaron. Winner of BB? Maybe not, but My winner of Big Brother 2011

  4. Well written….nooo Brilliantly written .. You have written what we Aaron fans have always thought …. hmmm you never mentioned he was easy on the eye though 🙂
    Thank you

  5. Absolute bollocks… really.

  6. Excerllent article..

  7. I’m in tears as to why so many people can’t see what a despicable sack of shit he is. Ruined BB with his misery, scheming, conniving, spineless, weak, child like behavior. List goes on. Him winning would be the death of BB UK. He’s cast a cloud of misery over the show and worn down all the contestants, as well as the viewers (aside for the dumb ones that can’t see through him)

    • I just have to disagree, I think he has made this series from an episode of hollyoaks to something a bit more watchable.
      I wouldn’t say him winning would affect the future of BBUK either, I think Channel 5 have already destroyed that.
      I quite like to see the drama in Big Brother, when they all get on it is very dull. So I think him winning could signal more housemates actually saying they want to win instead of all this “I’m only here for the experience” bull.

  8. Excellent article. Could’ve gone a little harder on Louise actually but otherwise fair. I do wonder at the moaners that Aaron has ruined the show. What would they have shown instead? Because if Aaron ruined the show, surely they would want more viewers? Hmmm….

  9. Nail.
    Louise drives me to distraction. Her endless repeating of “I’m dead normal, me” in her nauseating baby voice makes me want to throw things at the TV.
    I also noticed she called it a day with Jay and suddenly told him she “proper adored” him after she heard his cheers from the crowd outside.
    She’s a model and goes on modelling shoots to tropical places and she knew this wouldn’t win her fans, so in her drastically underdeveloped brain, she thought normal people fart, burp and are generally disgusting, so adapting these behavioural patterns would endear her to us, the great unwashed public.
    No, Louise, ‘normal’ people can control their bodily functions, ‘normal’ people wash themselves everyday, ‘normal’ people don’t pretend it’s “dead sweet” when an ape smears a juvenile ‘love’ note in his own blood on a garden chair, ‘normal’ people run a fricking mile when a man gets so angry about not having his food that he has to violate a garden cushion.
    Louise has been the biggest game player in there, and if Aaron was such a game player, he’d have sacrificed a lot of his beliefs in the name of entertainment.
    I for one, would welcome someone winning BB who has a higher IQ than a mouldy old sock (Brain Belo, Sophie Reade anyone?)
    I’m 99% sure that the boring ‘not a bad bone in her body’ (only because she doesn’t possess the brain power to have a different view) Alex will win, but that 1% of me still hopes that Aaron can do it, he deserves it the most, he’s the reason I’ve tuned in most nights, and even if you hate him, he’s the reason you’ve tuned in too!

  10. Quality article and you must be my twin as i agree with all your assessments. Aaron will be happy to get out of there…it must have been a real chore that last week! That’s why he was gutted when Mark, Harry and the Faye were evicted……meant his conversation lifeline was being depleted.

    I still believe Aaron can win it!

  11. Great article!

  12. I think that you are yet another gullible victim of Aaron’s emotionally blackmailing, manipulative manner. It’s curious that you didn’t even attempt to mention or defend his blatant abuse of Faye as part of his scheme to win and that you’ve actually attempted to make something positive out of his childish sulks and passive aggressive way of alienating other housemates – in short- bullying.
    He has not been himself or real, he has created a whole new persona using ingredients which he has gleaned after studying previous winners – the campness, the attempts to engratiate himself with the public – many of whom were naive enough to be taken in, his playing the harmless geek with the funny dad-dancing. He is a shrewd, cold, calculating fraud, an emotionally immature man who cannot cope with accepting that he’s made mistakes and treated people badly. He behaved appallingly with Faye and manipulated her by undermining her confidence and controlling every argument in such a way as to result in her feeling that she was responsible and he was the innocent victim, so she would always crawl back to him because he knew that she was desperate for a boyfriend and he used his upper hand callously – it was quite obvious that he didn’t like or respect her, he’s almost certainly a closet-dwelling, guilt ridden, self-loathing homosexual who undermines others in order to boost his own flagging ego.
    I also dislike the way you dismissed Louise as a dull, thick, non-entity and of all things a gameplayer! Anyone who has carefully observed her behaviour in the house can see that she is a genuinely kind, caring soul and immensely empathetic. She is always the first to notice if someone is upset and offer them genuine comfort. She is ballsy, principled and decent. She may not be as creative as some of the others but she is by far the most sincere and likeable of them all…and yet you have conveniently chosen to ignore any of her strengths and redeeming qualities which she has in abundance. I personally think that she deserves better than Jay who is an oafish thug but because of her low self-esteem and sweet nature she is able to see the good in people, even when they don’t necessarily deserve it, and because alpha male Jay was so intent on winning the ‘top prize’ amongst the women he was able to charm her by pulling out all the stops and unfortunately she fell for it – but I don’t think that she’ll put up with him once they enter the real world and she sees him returning to his obsessions with food, exercise and throwing his weight around; she has the upper hand ultimately.

    • Helen said: “he’s almost certainly a closet-dwelling, guilt ridden, self-loathing homosexual”

      So, to you, someone who is intelligent, doesn’t swear, doesn’t burp and fart and who doesn’t feel the need to act like an ape, is homosexual, and not only homosexual, he must hate himself and feel guilty too?

      Wow! I bet you have a subscription to the Daily Mail too.

      As for your analysis of Louise, which you credited to you carefully observing her behaviour, it’s way off the mark.

      The characteristics you listed were all surface stuff that she’s trying so desperately to portray herself as.

      How do you explain her saying to Jay she only wanted to be friends and nothing more, and then saying she adored him and jumped into bed with him the very next day AFTER she heard him getting cheers from the crowd?

      And if she’s so caring and genuine, where was she the other day when Jay was upset and crying?

      She only goes near Jay at night, when she can skank it up and get airtime under the duvet. She has no emotional investment whatsoever in their ‘relationship’. They are two very superficial individuals with about as much depth as a gnat’s pisshole!

      If she’s not dull, please tell me what she has done to entertain you in the whole series of BB.

      She is a completely empty vessel, and even though Harry did NOT say it, she is thick as the proverbial!

  13. “If he was playing a game, why would he be saying things he knows the public wouldn’t want to hear or like him for”

    But I remember Aaron saying in the diary room he WAS playing a game (several times). Why would he say that if it wasn’t true?

  14. Hi All,

    I realise I have made a mistake in my article. The part where Jay took a dump in the fridge was actually before Harry ordering all the food. (Prompting me to wonder what it was that Jay got annoyed about that time?? Sheesh! Thug much…)


  15. Great article.

    Think you were a bit kind about Alex though. No mention of the constantly vacant, “ahh dorrrnt geddit” gormless look on her face, or the fact that she doesn’t seem to be able to string two words together. Did anyone see the speech for “housemate of the year”? Err rather the nine words strung together by Alex which then culminated in a silence and her saying, “ahh carnnn be bothered”

    You’ve got Jay spot on. He is utterly vile and I cannot understand why anyone would think he was a worth voting for ! He is coarse, has the manners of a pig, belongs in a zoo, has the look of someone permanently constipated with conjunctivitis and is about as attractive as athletes foot.

    Louise and that irritating baby voice does my head in. Beautiful girl but get those stonehenge sized veneers sorted Lou, they’re far too big.
    She’s also absolutely bloody skanky, personal hygiene wise. No matter how beautiful a girl is, nobody likes someone who stinks and doesn’t wash.

  16. I think big brothers editting has misled people into thinking Arron mistreated Faye, When arron kissed the other housemates he was not in a relationship with Faye, and he didnt do anything like that when he and Faye grew closer.

    Arron was always the one to go and make up with Faye whenever they had an argument, yet the “Jay team” think Faye’s the one who was the first to make up… must be watching a different show.

    Arron does like to sulk and its annoying but thats no reason to bully him like Jay, Louise, Anton did. He has done nothing to deserve being hit by Jay, if anything Jay is the one who deserves a “kick in” from Arron for all the shit hes given him.

    Jay and Louise also turned down the offer to buy Alex and Tom presents when Arron was in the diary room with them, but then slyly went in and changed their minds making it look like Arron was the bad guy.

    Arron should win he stayed true to himself and is a really nice guy

  17. Yes!! Aaron won…a well deserved winner … proving your comments were spot on …thank you ….
    and he really looked *easy on the eye* tonight 🙂

  18. Found it disconcerting this evening that somebody who puts shit in the fridge gets enormouos cheers yet someone who has principles that he won’t go against gets booed. Told us a lot more about the mentality of the crowd than it did about Aaron but I felt so sorry for him and his not being able to fully enjoy what should have been a happy moment for him.

    • Agreed, I would have hoped that the crowd would have at least let him have his moment.
      It’s crazy really, and throughout everything I blame channel 5 for the bad editing throughout and the lack of a live feed. On channel 4’s Big Brother the crowd would generally reflect the feeling of the public, this year I can’t say the same.

  19. Time will tell what arron is really like now that they are out, they will all have there stories to tell, what was so entertaining about someone so moody, boring and wingy??
    See what happens with him and faye now that there out.

  20. if this is matt cardle i lost repect for yeh you only put on this article how bad jay was i dislike the fridge thing you were saying thats disgusting but other than that saying jays a bully. What are you on? Arron is the bully mate he said time and time again that he wants the public to see what he sees and that he is right at all times and some of you are thick enough to believe that he says hes a principled man how is he principled if he was so called principled he would of said from the start i dont vote like a team i like to individually vote but he didnt and he got louise and faye up instead of all of them going up.But in the third week he was saying to everyone i dont care if were all up coz he new he had the support at the time and he wanted to get anton out so hypicrital thats all he is and thats why he got booed he was a game player end off i was more of a alex fan she was playing a game but at least she wasent critisising others in the mean time she was just sweet at all times if you wanted a good game player you should of liked anton he was a funny game player who didnt use someones feelings to get what they want.

    Im no journilist as you can see by my rubbish grammer lol but this was one of the most favourism articles ave ever come across total one sided just saw arron in a bright light he was funny at times see i can admit it but he had so many faults and one person if i ever was on big brother or sore him on the street i would want to avoid and coz he was good looking and so called which is false principled he could tell everyone who he disliked and all arron fans go i hate tom i hate harry i hate jay coz they did somthing to him but they really told the truth evan harry said he was a game player his best mate so that just said it all :}}

    anyway good attempt 😛 lol

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