‘Celebrity’ Big Brother – The Great Elstree Soak

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, especially if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, last night marked the return of the true reality show Big Brother!

I was under the impression that this was ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother, but it appears I was wrong! Not only is this the least famous line up in Big Brothers history, Five actually managed to find someone who didn’t even have their own Wikipedia page! Congratulations to them.

However, who am I kidding? Big Brother has never been about how known the celebrity’s are, personally I couldn’t care less, because the more famous the housemate the more boring they are based on past experience. So a house with relatively unknown people? Brilliant!

The Trip to Borehamwood

I’ll get on to the launch show itself in a post later on today, but first to tell you about my launch day. I went down to Elstree Studios in Borehamwood to see the show live with my girlfriend Mel. We got soaked! I’m pretty sure this was the heaviest rainfall all year and yes, it is just our luck that we would get to stand outside in the pouring rain for three hours. To be fair, when we first arrived at 5pm it wasn’t raining although the ground was already wet. The queue for the show stretched as far as the eye could see with many people actually camping in tents in the front half of the queue, so we got straight in to the queue as we were uncertain how many people they would let in.

We got talking to a few people in the crowd and I loved the sheer broadness of the types of people who were in attendance, there were loads of people passionate about a TV show excited at what the evening had in store for them, although most were dubious with what Five might do to the show and unhappy with the axe of the live feed on the show.

After ten minutes in the queue we decided to get a McDonald’s, but when Mel came back with the food the heavens had already opened. I’m not sure if you’ve ever had a McDonald’s in the rain but trust me, the packaging is not built to be wet! It all fell apart and I think I inhaled that food faster than I ever have eaten McDonald’s before.

At this point we were soaked, but the queue was moving slowly, edging ever closer to what felt like a door that wasn’t ever going to exist. Around 6:30pm we made it to the railings for the queue which meant we were getting closer, but we were told by a member of Applause Store that we were on “Standby”, and that they hoped to get us all in but it depends on how many production crew VIPs arrive. She also said she’d know in about 10-15 minutes, something of a catchphrase for Applause Store it turns out.@lewis815 knows how to treat a lady, #PerfectDate: Getting soaked waiting to get in2 #BBUK tonight. Half n hour to go RT

“Fair enough” we thought. Looking back there were a load of people behind us as far as the eye could see, we thought we were safe. The people around us were in jovial moods and I even met a super fan @MrNikkiCowan who came hurtling in to the crowds asking who was on Twitter! I said yes and the energetic guy told us about his radio show. Funnily enough I had already found it earlier in the day and although I haven’t listened to it in full just yet I urge you to go to their website and have a listen, the production values are great – – He even took a picture of us and put it up on Twitter, as usual, I look like a dweeb as he caught me mid laugh…

“@lewis815 knows how to treat a lady, #PerfectDate: Getting soaked waiting to get in2 #BBUK tonight. Half n hour to go RT” – Thanks @MrNikkiCowan

The queues continued to edge forward slowly. Mel and I were happy but getting agitated by the weather, the fact we couldn’t sit down at all and not knowing whether we would get in or not, we spent some time playing I Spy and before we knew it 7:30pm had sneaked up on us. Applause store came out again and cut of the queue roughly ten people behind us and send hundreds of people home. We were told again that we were on standby still and that again, although they hope to get us all in there was a chance that may not happen, they would know more in 10-15 minutes.

People were starting to get pretty moody at this point, with so much time spent standing in the rain we just wanted to know. So 7:45pm came and went. I was anxious because I wanted to make it home on time if we wouldn’t get in. 8pm came and went, still nothing. Finally, at 8:20pm we were turned away, there was no real announcement, someone just asked one of the stewards and he said no, helpful! So home we raced and we got back at 8:55pm, just in time! To be honest, it was quite nice being able to watch warm and in bed!

Coming up… Launch Night Reactions


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