‘Celebrity’ Big Brother – Launch Tonight!

So, after months of not being too fussed about Channel 5 acquiring Big Brother I am now officially looking forward to the launch tonight. The fact that the live feed will not be there still annoys me completely but now I am seeing things differently. This is not the show that Channel 4 had, in everything but branding and location this is going to be an entirely different show by the looks of things.

I’m sure I’ll be posting my views on the next three months quite regularly here so check back if you’re a Big Brother fan too!


The likelihood is that this program is more than likely to flop on Channel 5 for the sheer fact that it is on Channel 5. If they wanted the show to succeed then Five really needed to start with one hell of a bang and plough a lot of cash in to it. To be fair to them, they have on the most part, the advertising campaign has been extensive and expensive compared to Channel 4, although the reason for that is pretty simple, Five had to advertise on channels other than its own because the demographic for Five hasn’t generally suited Big Brother in the past.

The main advert is extremely camp, but hey, it shows some of the fun of Big Brother. The “eye” adverts are OK, although I’m not a big fan of this years logo either, it feels pretty basic and it was obviously created to tie in with Fives normal branding.

The thing is though, take a look at the trailers than Channel 4 used to make, much better!

So, although I think the adverts themselves could have been better, I think it is a good sign that Five are prepared to plough a lot of money in to making the show a success. In addition to this Five have been holding a lot of press days and trying to stir up media interest. Unfortunately though, apart from many websites reporting on Big Brother, the media has for the most part stayed pretty quiet about the launch, apart from the Daily Star which is owned by Richard Desmond, who also owns channel 5.

Social and Media Interest

This lack of media interest by the other papers annoys me personally, as does this whole view that Big Brother is a stain on society. At the end of the day, it is just a TV show! That’s it! Pure and simple, it is an entertainment channel no different to that of any other show on the box, any film, any game or any other thing in this world that you might enjoy doing.

Big Brother has this stigma attached to it nowadays, pompous people continue to slate it and say things like it’s the worst thing to ever happen to this country or views to that effect. All due respect, but wake up. If you think that Big Brother really has that negative effect on the country, do you also hold the view that Grand Theft Auto is the cause for teenage kids who steal cars, or that shows like Dexter instill a need in people to want to be a serial killer or that violent films make people violet? Big Brother is just a TV show, a very entertaining TV show, but a TV show nonetheless, why slate people who enjoy it?

In many ways it is no different to watching Eastenders if you don’t watch the live feed. The only differences is that Big Brother is unscripted and the cast changes each year and a “character” leaves the show each week.

Big Brother is a show the encompasses so many different genres in to one show I truly find it baffling that people don’t enjoy it and I do hold the view that a lot of people (not all) don’t like it simply because of when the media decided it didn’t like it anymore and when “comedians” decided the best joke of the year was to say things like “oh it’s just people in a house watching people in a house” (you could compare that to Eastenders, it’s just a bunch of people in a community watching a bunch of people who don’t even exist in a community”).

The show has so much comedy, drama, twists, suspense, romance and enjoyment – Plus the fun of an eviction night makes the show fantastic. I’m not someone who believes Big Brother is the be-all and end-all, it’s just a TV show for enjoyment at the end of the day. Nor do I care about the housemates after they are evicted. To people who say that they are just looking for fame or that “they never go on to do anything good”, well, why should they? Do the people in Come Dine With Me go on to great things? No. Although when you do look at many past Big Brother contestants quite a few have gone on to have successful careers within the media industry, and why should a load of pompous and media manipulated people in the country have such a problem with that?

This is a show that has broken down many social barriers, that shows that no matter what people seem on the outside, there is usually so much more to them on the inside. The show breaks down stereotypes and opens peoples eyes – things that Big Brother have dealt with in the past include transgenders, homosexuality, racial divides, social and class divides and a whole range of disabilities.

People who haven’t watched the series since the media turned against it come out with the stock standard “I used to like it when it was a social experiment”. IT IS a social experiment, fair enough, nowadays it’s a lot more fun and it’s not just people living in a house. They have to contend with interesting tasks, twists and Big Brother making things difficult, but why can’t the show be seen as a social experiment with a group of people who face adverse forces. Any TV show is usually about a bunch of characters coming together against a foe or effect, so what is so wrong with this being done for real?

I hear people say that they only put freaks in the house. I couldn’t disagree with this more, they put interesting characters in there. Sure, I wouldn’t want to meet many of them, but it’s interesting for me to see how someone who you immediately think of as a “freak” can turn out to be a normal and, sometimes, a very interesting, deep and loveable character and surely this is a life lesson that can only be good for society?

I understand people who don’t care for celebrities and magazines about them etc, unfortunately this is what the media made Big Brother in to, but at the heart of the show this is nothing to do with it. Sure, the housemates will leave and get their fifteen minutes of fame in the tabloids and glossy mags, but is this anything to do with the show itself? No.

Have Five Cancelled The Show Before It Has Even Began?

Five have recently announced they have axed the live feed in favour of video highlights on smart phones. What Five don’t seem to realise is that the majority of people don’t have smart phones. They also state that they want to increase the amount of things they do with “social media”,

In addition, in 2009 channel 4 made the decision to axe the live feed. Big Brother 10 started in this year and began with a decent amount of viewers for Channel 4 – However, the media lost interest completely because they weren’t able to get exclusives and see what was going on, the public lost interest because they couldn’t dip in and out of the show when they wanted and the feel of Big Brother had gone completely. Near the end of Big Brother 10, Channel 4 announced that it was not going to continue making Big Brother after series 11 in 2010.

The viewing figures for Big Brother 9 were 3.6 million on average, massive for Channel 4. The viewing figures for Big Brother 10 with the result of no live feed, a dismal 2.5 million on average (although still pretty good for channel 4).

Cut forward to Big Brother 2011, the live feed had returned! The media interest had sparked up again and Channel 4 were producing a great series with great average viewing figures again, higher than Big Brother 10.

All this stuff about “social media” is just gaff, apart from the fact that Channel 4 used to run a continuous website, have Twitter feeds and Facebook feeds going and provide video highlights and written news stories AND have the live feed going means that I’m at a loss to understand why the only confirmed media outlet is the main show and smart phone updates (which cuts off a hell of a lot of viewers).

The funny thing is, Five would more than likely garner more viewers if they stuck the live feed on one of their side channels such as 5* than they usually would get with their regular programming, meaning an increase in advertising revenue – In addition, a live feed over the internet via a paid for subscription would get many customers (the plus point over the TV streaming is that there would be no advertising).


So, although I’m dubious about how good this series will be, I’m looking forward to tonight! Especially as I will be heading down to Elstree and watching the launch live at the studios.

The house looks pretty good, the presenters are great replacements, and if they can get Charlie Sheen, this could be one of the best series ever, it’s just a shame the live feed isn’t there so we can only see highlights.

Tonight I will be at the studios, so if you have me on facebook I will be posting updates there. There should be a delay between what happens at the studios and the show on TV, so you will be hearing things before they happen! Also I will more than likely be posting some updates on my twitter feed as well @lewis815

[I apologise for the rushed nature of this post, I didn’t have alot of time to do it but I wanted to get this posted today].


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