Lost – Season 6 Episode 1 Thoughts

I decided to put an old blog post of mine that I originally wrote in February 2010 on to this blog. Why? Well firstly, who cares! Secondly, come the new TV season I aim to be writing things like this regularly. But this is a post on Lost Season 6, Episode 1.

The following post is related to the Season 6 premiere of Lost’s double episode LA X, which aired on February 2nd in the US and February 5th in the UK. If you have not seen this episode, please do not read any further until you have done so.

The Journey

September 22nd 2004, 324 people boarded a plane to Los Angeles, just like any other flight consisted of strangers, among them a doctor, a fugitive, a soldier, a rock star, a con man, a lottery winner, a pregnant mother to be and a man whose faith was lost. As Oceanic Flight 815 flew over the ocean, this group of strangers were about to be joined together. Who would have known watching that first episode that on January 31st 2010, we would be watching the end result of a time travel storyline, two entity’s possibly fighting for control of this Island, the DHARMA Initiative, and every other thing that would have sounded absurd six years ago.

We have come a long way and the journey has been magnificent. I have enjoyed every moment of it, and if you haven’t watched every single episode of this truly amazing series then I really urge you to. This program is not about the answers, it is not about “what happens in the end”, it’s not about the destination – It’s about the remarkable journey of these characters lives and the steady drip feed of questions and answers throughout the 105 (so far) hours of fantastic cinematic television.

Whilst the past six years have been gruelling to wait to pass by, it’s only now that we are in its final year that I really don’t want the answers anymore, but then I do.. I don’t want the show to end, but then I do.. Flash Forward to Sunday May 23rd 2010 and we will have the final episode ready, willing and able to be watched. I really hope that the final episode will epitomise the 120 hours that will have preceded it. I don’t want it to be the best episode of the series but I hope that it will do the show justice.


But I am getting far ahead of myself, Lost Season 6 has just begun and with it came the double episode whammy of “LA X”, a bold statement by the writers to say that – just because this is the final season, that doesn’t mean it will be an easy ride to the answers – while at the same time feeding us part of the answer to one of the biggest mysteries since the pilot episode – What is the “Monster” – It turns out it is fake John Locke (or Flocke if you will).

FlashBack? OLD, FlashForward? DONE, FlashSideways? BINGO!

Season 6 beings yet another novel storytelling method in the form of the “flash sideways”. Some people believe this is an alternate reality, I don’t agree with that, as that suggests that what happens in this timeline doesn’t matter. There would be no point to the sideways flash if it was completely separate from the main storyline, therefore it’s obvious that sooner or later these timelines will come together in a spectacular way.

Starting right where we began on that dreaded flight in the final season was a stroke of genius. Jack’s back in seat 23b and while I could recap the obvious points of this timeline – like Desmond being on the plane when he wasn’t there to begin with (which I’ll get to in a minute) – But firstly a couple of minor points that maybe you didn’t notice. Cindy the air hostess gave Jack only one bottle of mini vodka, whereas in the original timeline he was given two, one of which he later used to sterilize Kate’s hands and his wound from the crash so it could be stitched up. Next up, Rose was calm about the planes turbulence, whereas in the original timeline she was bricking it! In a parallel, Jack was very nervous and scared, but in the original he was calm and making sure Rose was well.

However, the most important “mini-change” was Charlie. In the original timeline Charlie was chased in to the toilet with his heroin and he placed it in the toilet, this was when the plane turbulence hit and Charlie left the heroin in the toilet and got it back after crashing. However in the strange word of the flash sideways, Charlie put the heroin bag in to his mouth. The big question here was – was he trying to kill himself? Or was he trying to swallow it. I firmly believe that he was trying to kill himself here for two reasons, 1) He said to Jack after he was saved “I was supposed to die” and 2) Charlie was not chased in to the toilet this time, meaning he had no reason to hide the heroin. I can’t wait to see more of Charlie, as he was my favourite original character when he drowned back at the end of Season 3.

Speaking of the changes, it’s interesting to note the non-changes. John Locke seems to be the exact same person that left Sydney in season 1. As does Sayid and maybe Claire. Although there is still much more story to be told I could be completely wrong.

I’ll see you in another life brutha! Again..

But of course the biggest change on the FlashSideways (henceforth known as FS), was Desmond being on the plane! However, was our favourite Scottish ex Island dweller even on the plane at all? Some evidence dictates that he may just have been in Jack’s mind, after all he did only stay for a few moments on-screen. Another interesting fact that you may have missed was that Desmundo had a wedding ring on! Could it be Penny that he married or someone else?

I personally think that it was as simple as he was on the plane, and of course he will be married to Penny as that was his “destiny”. Even though the way they would have met in the original time line would never have happened if the bomb exploded and if Charles Widmore was killed in that explosion, the universe would have “course corrected” as we have seen in previous episodes. (See Season 3, Episode 8 “Flashes Before Your Eyes” for an in-depth view in to course correction on the show).

We hit a pocket!

The final scene of the first part of LA X was simply amazing. It made subtle references to previous episodes. For example the pilot of the plane (Greg Grunberg for you Heroes fans), stated his apologies for the turbulence and that they “hit a pocket” of air. Funnily enough in the season 5 finale “The Incident” these words were also heard after they also hit a pocket, the pocket of electro-magnetism. So the Pilot’s reading of “we hit a pocket” had a great double meaning.

Also, in possibly my favourite part of this years premiere, the amazing score of Michael Giacchino while leaving Oceanic 815 was very well written, and a direct parallel to the final episode of Season 1 “Exodus, Part 3” where another slow motion scene filled with Giacchino’s score was played, only that time was when everybody was entering the plane. It was great to see this done again but with the characters leaving the plane.

This scene also had the first tear jerking moment of the episode for me. When John Locke was revealed to still be wheelchair bound and still the end result of a life of being used by everybody when all he ever wanted was to have a purpose and be loved. I stupidly thought that he would be fine after he told Boone he went on the Walkabout in Australia after all.. But alas.. This was just our Locke trying to make himself feel better.

If you haven’t listened to any of Giacchino’s Lost scores I strongly urge you to download them. Some of them are beautifully written emotionally charged pieces.

Born To Run.. Again

So we enter the second half of the premiere’s FS story. Mainly centred on Jack, Locke and Kate’s time at LAX airport. Kate simply does her usual trick of cat and mouse with federal officer Edward Mars (you think he would learn after a while?) and escapes with the help of Jacks pen. (If you didn’t notice her steal it on the plane then you are forgiven, I didn’t either at first.)

After a small chase in LAX (and a fantastic lift scene with Kate and Sawyer), Kate escapes in to a taxi with Claire! After a season of being AWOL running around the jungle with her deceased dad, we finally see her again, although I’m more interested in her main story version and what happened to spooky ghost Claire at the end of season 4.

That pretty much sums up Kate’s storyline, and if you want a reason why I’m not spending any more time on Kate then please see the video below:

We can’t tell you when it will arrive, Because we aren’t exactly sure where it is

What is it with Christian Shephard? If there is a mystery I want answered from the first season of Lost that has never been answered it’s that one! Back in the first season episode “White Rabbit”, Jack had begun seeing visions of his dead father on the Island, and after finding his coffin on the Island it was empty. Spooky times. But again in this FS, poltergeist Shephard has once again gone walkies.

Similarly, John Locke also was unable to find his old case o’ knives. But this time this was something that was in Locke’s possession on the Island. This could mean one of two things, maybe this will tie in directly to Christian’s coffin being missing, or (and most likely), this was just a storytelling method designed to get Jack and Locke in the same room together for a chin wag.

It was great to see Terry O’Quinn back as John Locke, and even better to see him as season 1 Locke. The mysterious man who always seemed to have the answers to help others. Telling Jack that Oceanic hadn’t lost Christian, they had just lost his body was great. Maybe in the FS Locke might grow to be a better man, after all there will be no hatch to find here, no button to push, and no Others to manipulate his mind. Of course there will be no Island, which gave him his great push to be a good man in the first place.

John Locke’s character has been one of the best ones to watch in terms of development, from season 1 being strong-willed, controlled and clever. To season 2 being a slave to the swan button. To season 3 -5 being a slave to the island. John Locke has always been a slave to someone, always been manipulated by someone, always been used. I hope this season John Locke finds his redemption.

No English

In one of the more unfortunate events. Jin was back to his controlling nasty self working for Sun’s father once again. This was such a shame to see after his character on the island had undergone such a radical change in to a loving father and husband. It’s also annoying that he doesn’t know English again..
But speaking of languages, does Sun still know English? There is a chance that due to the “mini-changes”, one of them may be that she never did learn English as she never planned to leave Jin at the airport.

However, an interesting point was that Jin had so much money in his luggage. Was he still planning to run away with Sun after delivering Mr Paik’s watch to his associate in Los Angeles? I sure hope so.

Apologies to readers

I have an apology to make, my original intention was to go through all three storylines (the FS, after aftermath of the bomb and the aftermath of Jacobs death). However, this blog was a last-minute idea so I will just skim over some of the main points of the two storylines I am yet to do. And starting with the next episode I will give higher quality posts and more in-depth.

Why do it once, When you can do it twice?

With the bomb explosion (possibly!) creating the FS, straight after the FS we also get what happened straight after the bomb explosion. The answer? A reset back to the current timeline in 2007 back in the world of Sun, Flocke and Ben.

Quickly running through the best parts, Jacob appearing to Hurley was fantastic. Mark Pellegrino (Jacob) is a great actor and it is great to see him again. (If you have never seen him before, I suggest watching Dexter which is a brilliantly written show.) I hope that we see more of Jacob appearing to the all seeing Hurley, Although I wouldn’t mind him appearing to the ghost whispering Miles, although we wouldn’t get to see him..

Jacob tells Hurley to take Sayid to the temple, where the others proceed to kill him. How lovely of them! Well what did you expect? These are the Others remember.. It looks like we are very close to finding out the function of the Others, and it’s great to see that there are more Others than the ones that went travelling with Ben at the old Dharma Barracks.

Sayid ends up waking up at the end of the episode, and I really don’t want to place a theory to this. A popular theory is that Jacob has now possessed Sayid’s body in the same way that the ‘Man in Black’ has done with Locke. I don’t really think this is the case, as the Man in Black duplicated Locke’s body and didn’t take it over outright. Of course all of this depends on the capabilities of Jacob as a character, can he morph in to other things like the ‘Man in Black/Monster’ can do?

But I am getting ahead of myself here. The writers decided to show us two separate timelines this episode, the writers also decided to show us Juliet dying.. Again! As if the death scene at the end of Season 5 wasn’t hard enough, Juliet says goodbye to Sawyer after suggesting they go for a cup of coffee.. Strange. A popular theory out there is that in the FS, Sawyer and Juliet will go for coffee and they will “go Dutch” as Juliet suggested while dying. I am leaning towards agreeing with this theory, as back in Season 5’s episode “This Place is Death”, Charlotte Lewis dies in Daniel Faraday’s arms and says “I’m not supposed to have chocolate before dinner”. In a later episode, we see a child version of Charlotte in 1977 say the same thing to Daniel Faraday. So it appears that on the Island when you die, you see a glimpse in to “another side”. This may be the key to joining the main timeline and the flash sideways story.

Josh Holloway’s (Sawyer) performance in this episode was of a very high quality. The pure anger within Sawyer at Jack during Juliet’s death and his futile attempts to save her were some of the highlights of this episode in terms of acting. Give that man an Emmy already!

I want the one thing Locke didn’t want. I want to go home.

I don’t know what to call him, so I will continue to call the ‘man in black/monster’ – Flocke (Fake Locke). Terry O’Quinn as Flocke once again showed why he deserved his Emmy win as John Locke a couple of years ago as he was able to completely change his performance in this episode from a weak feeble man. To Flocke, a strong, scary mysterious man thing.

After saying the great speech about Locke’s life and last thoughts, Flocke said that he wanted to go home, and then gave a terrifying look. One of the most memorable moments of the series for me. See the below image:

That image right there leaves no traces of John Locke at all.

Moving on, another amazing scene from this episode was the reveal that Flocke was the smoke monster, taking on Bram and his team and leaving no chance for them to survive. While the graphics may not have been film standard, I remember that this is a TV show, and for a TV show that looked pretty epic.

You?? Me. *WHACK*

The Flocke storyline was easily my favourite this episode, it had so many highlights, one of which was on the beach with Richard. After scaring Richard senseless by revealing his true identity, Flocke knocked Richard out, then turned to the Others are proclaimed that he was “disappointed in all of them”. I can’t wait to find out why!

And with that, Flocke put Richard on his back, and headed towards the temple where the Others were doing everything they could to guard themselves against Flocke.

Bring it on!

I hope to God that next weeks episode follows directly on from this and doesn’t spend too much time in the FS.

The next episode is titled “What Kate Does” and that is a direct reference to the season 2 episode “What Kate Did”. Naturally this will be a Kate centric episode, which also means we will see more from Claire and her baybee.

Finally, I would like to apologise again for the quality of this post. It was done very quickly in order to be done in time for “What Kate Did” (which I get to see Wednesday February 10th, which is also my birthday ;))

I would have liked to have gone in to more depth, however this means that I will be able to give a much better blog post for next weeks episode. So until then.. Thank you for reading and, Namasté.


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