Seven Days Until Big Brother And House Pictures

With just one week away from Big Brother (a great program that I think is brilliant and really don’t understand people’s negativity towards) I thought I’d take a moment to look forward to the series ahead. I’ll be happy to write a post why Big Brother is one of the best things currently being created on British TV if anyone wants it πŸ˜‰

However! With just one week away before Celebrity Big Brother kicks off let’s take a look at what Channel 5 have done to the upcoming new house. Still based in Elstree, Borehamwood, the house is much larger this year and quite lavish.

The Entrance

So, the entrance. Personally I love the swirling staircase, I think this is a great addition aesthetically. I’m surprised how high the staircase looks from the image at the top of the stairs! Also like the little aquatic wallpaper and the entrance to the diary room with its metallic shimmer. All good so far. However, in the last few series of BB the entrance and diary room have been separate to the rest of the house and I think that was a good idea. The entrance should be separate because now the housemates will be able to hear the crowd quite easily and sometimes people try to earwig on people’s conversations with BB in the diary room. To be fair though, the earwigging could make for some good TV so if it causes some drama I’m all for it!

Next up, an entirely new room for this years house that has never been done before…

The Gym

The gym looks like it could be a good addition. A gym has been used once before in a previous Celebrity Big Brother. The housemates weren’t allowed to use it all the time but were given limited access and additional access for completing tasks as a reward. This will probably be open to be used all the time this year but we shall see. I like the addition, although I worry that this room gives people something to do away from everyone else, which may see decreased tension (and therefore, less spicy action as a result!). Liking the funky purple lights and the wallpaper though! I think I spy a Jacuzzi in the corner too…

The Bathroom and Bedroom

I like how open plan the bathroom is and the colour scheme. I think it’s an improvement on the last couple of series where the bathroom has been really small. The increased size is good although they should have filled it with some additional fun things like maybe a hot tub or something instead of the egg bath thing they have put in there. I think some of the bathroom is hidden though so I will wait until the reveal. The bedroom looks alright. Nothing special, just a normal Big Brother bedroom. In previous years though, they usually try to give them a hard time by making the decor a bit tougher on the eye, this year it seems they are giving them a well decorated house. As long as they have a good mix of people in there though that shouldn’t matter too much.

The Main Living Quarters and Garden

To be honest, I really like this house in terms of how it is decorated and looks a bit different to how the house has been created over the last few years. The “shell” of the house has been changed so that the living space is larger and more can be fit in. I look forward to seeing it in full swing and I love the pool outside with the bridge overhead! Looking forward to seeing what else is in the house as they definitely haven’t shown us everything. I also like that the Diary Room doorbell is the same as in previous years. Channel 5 seem to be doing so much to change BB that they have gotten rid of a couple of things that make the program BB (such as the live feed). I worry what changes to the rules they will make this year.

As much as I’m looking forward to it, I’m not looking forward to it as much as I have done in previous years. But this is mainly due to the apprehension of how much Channel 5 will try to change the show. I hope it’s successful, although a part of me may switch of due to the lack of live feed. The ability to be able to find out what’s going on at any moment is a big essence of the show. This was taken away in BB10, as a result it was its lowest rated year, the first year that the media weren’t reporting on it and even I was losing interest. For BB11 they brought it back, ratings were higher and the media were interested again. So we’ll see how this pans out for Channel 5.

Lastly, no, I do not care that I am a geek, I revel in it πŸ˜‰


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  1. Out of interest, I’d like for you to tell me your reasons as to why Big Brother ‘is one of the best things currently being created on British TV’. I’m more inclined to say the opposite, but it would be good to hear the other side of the argument.

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  3. Love it all. There is a good chance I’ll bookmark this page, but then again, I’m feeling a bit grumpy today, so may not. I’ll let you know.

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